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That's a good view to have, w8 lift to keep your self healthy

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Originally Posted by Kirosia View Post

I lift, but admittedly not much weight, being a narrow little troll with wrists less common past the age of eight. My goal is looks and mental anguish minimization, meaning curbing the crazies. Some great sites (mainly because there's a lot of free info and are much less full of BS compared to most weight lifting places)





Berk and Lyle are great sources of info. They  teach the truth, against the common bro science. Most people think you have to change your life completely to be fit - eatting scheduals, more protein etc. but it's false.

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Originally Posted by Long813 View Post

Berk and Lyle are great sources of info. They  teach the truth, against the common bro science. Most people think you have to change your life completely to be fit - eatting scheduals, more protein etc. but it's false.

Indeed, you can do just a couple little things to get your self in shape. Although I want to adjust my diet :3, and if you get serious about w8 lifting and start to put on alot of muscle you'll need to eat more of the RIGHT foods, it's happended to me a few weeks ago >.> I've had to adjust my pre work out meal a good bit as well as what I eat during the day. Again nothing big just eating more :3... of course your doing that because your working more too [heavy w8's ect...]

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Originally Posted by Mshenay View Post

Indeed, you can do just a couple little things to get your self in shape. Although I want to adjust my diet :3, and if you get serious about w8 lifting and start to put on alot of muscle you'll need to eat more of the RIGHT foods, it's happended to me a few weeks ago >.> I've had to adjust my pre work out meal a good bit as well as what I eat during the day. Again nothing big just eating more :3... of course your doing that because your working more too [heavy w8's ect...]

If you give those two guys a read, you'll find out that it's all portion control for the most part, sure getting more veg and fruits are needed to be healthy, but you don't need 1g/lb of protein, "clean foods" and eating 6 times a day.

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My pre-wordout meal use to be 2 can's of tuna or a large bowl of chips and large chicken and coke from Nandos. I don't put on weight but I hit the weights pretty hard if I've a lot of unhealthy crap beforehand the pre-workout.

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people still on this? well, if anyone looking for good protein, promasil is actually pretty darn good. i got recommended it by guy at gnc since i workout very intensively with heavy compound lifting(deadlifts,squats,benchpress,ect) and afterwards i go run atleast 12 laps( 3 miles) around the track right after lifting. i take it with breakfast, after lifting,after running and before bed. been actually making me feel pretty good(of course been eating good too).

i also just take multi vitamin,zinc 50, and potassium&magnesium 250 but, bit after breakfast cause i take it with the pre-workout, nuerocore(only pre workout that does not give me headachs or sick to my stomach and find very effective).
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Been lifting from 91 until now. At 50 it's a great way to look and feel young. I will never forget looking at a picture of a 60 year old weight lifter when I was 31. Well now I'm just 10 years away from being that guy!


I have taken pretty much every type of weight lifting drug there is. The legal way is most likely the best way to do it. Some of the things I have done have been very scary. But I would have to say the best part has been doing long bike rides as well as heavy lifting. Really weight lifting can be anything you want it to be. I have been somewhat lucky to lift as many years as I have with very few injuries. Many you will meet have a small injury or two. The key is to never lift when you are tired and always keep focus, doing stuff in moderation. In the end you will look and feel better when you are older. You can go through life with much less stress if you are fairly in-shape. I guess when you are young and big I have heard many can want to fight you. If you are in your 30s and in good shape but big, most leave you alone. The key though is looking strong as if you get mad you can kick azz. It has always been easier and much more enjoyable getting that respect though life from working out.



There is a ton of B.S. out there and just like other things a ton of hype. I will never forget after reading the magazines for a while and realizing that only a small percentage of folks have the genes to get really super big. Once you discover that and land back on Earth it is a little more easy to get out of it what you want.


The key to getting big is to lift big. Dead lifts are the main reason why some people never gain. You also have to realize that there are three main body types and some folks just will never get very big. As I get older I am not able to lift in the gym as long. I just have to make what I do count. You only have so much energy, but when you are in your 20s or 30s you can still spend a ton of time in the gym. The key even then is to lift big.


Even when you could spend eight hours in the gym, the key is the fast effective work out. Let your body use it's energy to recover. A great work-out I have done for years has been pretty simple. Dead-lift first as it takes the most energy. After a short warm up do some stretches and work up to a weight you can do five times. Many folks think that just five reps could not do anything, but if your doing five dead-lifts of 300-350 lbs you are working every muscle in your body. I would suggest a weight belt to keep your lower back safe too.


After dead-lifts the sled is a great safe way to work your legs. In my 30s I was easily doing 1000 lbs for lots of reps, but I spent 5 years to get there. Legs are one of the super fast growing areas. A total lower body workout consists of dead-lift then the leg sled then squats. That is it and will keep getting you gains.



The same goes for bench-press as lifting as much free weight as you can at any given time will get you there. Get help if you are afraid, so you can lift as heavy as possible. So three exercises the first day, three exercises the second day. After bench we do the curls. Again I start off with a sitting rack then move to standing curls. Use as much weight as you can for only five reps. I end with free weights.


So there are two simple days with a ton of weight. The third day to the simple make-up day. Start with shrugs. You go to a squat rack and  place a large bar with say 100 lbs. I have done as much as 500lb shrugs. So easy and fun. Next we do our backs both with the free weights and cables. The back will be the only time I use cables. Don't ever do the pull-downs behind you neck. always in front. This is also the day we do out triceps. Lay on a bench and use the zig-zag bar and do what looks like bench presses  to work your triceps with your hands about a foot apart.


Believe it or not along with roller-blades and biking on the off days, that's a full body work out! The reason you do it is it is fast and fun. I don't spend more than an hour in the gym anymore. The whole process is just like brushing you teeth, just something you do.



The main vitamin you have to have is chromium picolinate. Take a multi-vitamin along with a high protein diet. The main thing to do when wanting to gain is eat a lot. Eat 6 or 7 times a day. The main reason many don't get results is they eat to low-fat. The quick way to gains is fat intake and the more fat you have in your muscle the more leverage you will have in the gym to lift big. Most also lift with less injury when they consume more fat. The fastest and most healthy way to get fat intake is with olive oil. Just pour as much as you can take on everything. Oils have more calories per spoon than anything else you could eat.



There is a ton of crap they want to sell you out there. Eating simple first generation foods and adding olive oil to your diet will work better than any supplement. You just have to lift as big as you can and make the push stroke fast and the recoil slow. Music can help you get into the zone to throw heavy weight around. The results will come from three months of consistent work-outs. Sleep is also the key. Eight hours of sleep a night or all this eating and heavy lifting will produce zero.

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awesome post there Redcarmoose! yea,everything you said is pretty much common sense and what really works. thing i have to mention though heavy lifting is more taxing on your central nervous system than anything else. usually hyper therapy training is what adds on size. heavy lifting though can help add size cause it naturally boosts the bodys' natural reproduction of testosterone cause it forces the body to adapt and respond to the heavy impact to your body.

personally i suggest too in my opinion to try not use things like belts,gloves,ect. if you can. it allows too much assistance and won't allow the body naturally get the feel of the movement. like squats for instants, using a belt will hinder your cores stabilizing muscles workload. it's best to learn proper technique and form. gloves make weight seem lighter and won't allow you to build a proper strong grip. same with deadlifts. i never use belt,powder or gloves for it. it prevents the full activation of your core and stabilizing muscles. might be harder for most but in the long run it will prevent injury and allow more power output.
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I probably used a weight belt 10 % of the time. I just post that as maybe some will get injured from dead-lifts or squats with no belt. I did though get great results with those white slings. As I like to brag at what I used to be able to do, but still in my mid forties those white cotton sling cords would help me do way better at dead-lifts and shrugs. Even with the slings my grip got stronger, but there was no way I could shrug 5 45lb plates a side with-out them, my hands are not that strong. Your then lifting with your wrists. I'm not saying to use them all the time, but it was amazing how much they helped me. If anything they can also give you confidence almost like a placebo to lift more than you think. I always used them with heavy dead-lifting and would think it could be dangerous, as a side of the bar can slip out of your hands. Everyone has their own style and after years gets to know what they can and can't do.


The only time I was injured was replacing a curl bar with 100lbs. I was heavy on the juice and I thought I was indestructible when I let 100lbs crush my right pointer finger like a grape, between the rack. Truly it was the most scary thing as it became purple and giant. It still is not normal looking to this day. I'm just happy I can still play guitar with it. The gym can be very dangerous at times. I once let 150 lbs fall off a rack into the mirrors, lucky they were plexi-glass and not real glass or I would have been in trouble. That same scenario  could result with weights hitting a person too! It never hurts to be extra careful.

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well, yea of course. i just usually suggest try to most of the time do it without any belt,gloves ect. if can.i personally never used any type of slings or anything before. if i couldn't grip the bar due to weight regularly over handed i do the hook grip and switch every set(deadlifts).

i only keep sets at 3 with 4-6 reps max. for conditioning/burning fat i run after lifting(better to run afterwards cause basically your glucose storages are basically tapped out from the heavy lifting). once in a while i do that GVT(german volume training.) for about 6 weeks and change up again. it basically good powerlifting technique and it seems to work great for me when i do it. if anyone don't know GVT is the 10x10@75% maximum at start and add additional 5lbs every week for heavy compound movements. isolation movements keep at 3 sets. if curious more on it, look it up on google.
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Now days I actually keep my weight levels pretty low. Being 50 it's just better on my joints. I still have size from all the years of training though I'm definitely not like I was, but also, I'm not that far off. I only dead-lift with 200lbs. The reverse hook grip is the way I lift.


The only chemical I use now would be a couple beers. Smelling weight lifters who where drinking was something I loathed in my younger years. Now though I really think there is benefits. HA


So folks would say...How do you stay in shape. I tell them I walk about two hours a day and then drink a couple of beers now and then when I go to the gym. You always get a smile.

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I definitely agree with the belt. Unfortunately I was one of those that ended up with a back injury because I wasn't wearing one while I was doing dead lifts. Its been a year now and I'm still being told by the doctor to stay away from lifting weights...

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if you injured yourself i don't mean to seem like a dick but obvious there was no proper form and was trying to do more then could handle or was doing too light of a weight and was just trying to seem like a badass or something doing it. only guess here. i never injured myself once lifting cause i mange to keep a strong form. if having issues with deadlifts then it's just a sign of weak core. well any problem with any compound workouts is sign of weak core and stabilizer muscles. problem is people don't train the core. sit-ups don't do much to be honest(well for me and i can have over 100lbs on my chest). i actually get more activation in my core with running and compound movements(if you are not feeling your core activate even with benchpress you are not going heavy enough or can be laying improperly. best method is the powerlifting bench press position with back slightly arched. teaches to drive from the legs and core where most of the bodys' power comes from).

problem with injury is people don't take enough rest,don't stretch enough,ect. also if no one notice with themselves it's not good idea to use any running shoes or any shoe that has a built in arch and lots of cushion with lifting. when you drive from your heels it will cause your feet to roll forward,causing the back to roll a bit. always good to lift bare footed or using chucks or any flat type of shoe. it well allow proper driving from the heels and allow you to maintain a proper form through-out the workout and allow more core activation cause of the ability of proper form.

also if serious about lifting thing i see biggest mistake,especially with so called athletes is they go on drinking binges on the week-end or whatever, or drink regularly. i mean i don't care what they do. it's their body but drinking alcohol,even one beer was shown to drop a males testosterone by 20%. that will hinder any form of gains and progress. i rather take my chances with a triple decker cheese burgers and half gallon of mint ice cream personally. atleast my body will make some use out of the fats and calories by converting it through the liver as DHT and free roaming testosterone( yes that's why it's important to take in good amount of fats. even cholesterol in eggs and so forth gets converted by the liver into free-form testosterone).

just have to do things properly,be patient,eat,take good amount of rest and improvements will come in due time. problem i see people focus too much on trying to look hot as the main focus and not enough in the training itself. if you train hard enough and be patient,everything comes with it in due time. people also goes to extreme trying to lose weight quick but weight should not be a focus for people. building muscle and burning fat should be main goal. there is main difference between losing weight and burning fat. avg person if done right can burn up to 2lbs of fat(which is considered healty for most) while maintaining proper muscle matience and preventing the body from cannibalizing itself due to bodys' response of starvation(people don't know but it takes up to 90 minutes of activity before your body taps in fat storages. it will burn off glucose first and if not enough calories to keep muscle sustained, it will break it down and use the proteins before it even touches the fat). keeping hydrated will help maintain muscle as well as keep the organs and brain functioning properly(ever saw a picture of a dehydrated brain before? doesn't look pretty).

also people seem to forget that your organs and brain absorbs about 70% of fluids and calories to stay functioning at their peak. too much of a defiency in your body it will impact overall performance not only physically but mentally as well. so say you take in 3500 calories a day on avg, for burning fat while maintaining muscle take 3000 instead. just that will allow up to 2lbs of fat to be burned a week if you train and eat properly while maintain a good mental and physical state.
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You're right in regards to the improper form...I was trying to do stiff leg deadlift...

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Weight belts are just a matter of preference as some don't believe in them. The truth may be that folks are going to get injured anyway it seems, belt or no belt.


I really believe sit ups help support the back and keep your body strong for deadlifts. I injured my back a little years ago just by doing deadlifts cold with no warm-ups. In hindsight I should have started off with less weight. My back is healed all up now I feel.  


Straight leg deadlifts should only be done with super low weights. imo.

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