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I would like to way in. If it was me I would do flac with no compression
Wav files may not show the meta data properly
In the display. Meaning no pics or music data
It is not always but I'm sure it will be with one of your faves
So if you do flac with no compression it's the same quality
With better chances of retaining the meta data

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I'll second the flacs. There are some good reads on higher bit rate files. I will see if I can dig up a link.
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I have been encountering with the problem lately when the all the track somehow just appear to be 00:00 both in internal or sd card, trying to play but then the player just crash. Only few folder has this problem, while others are still normal. One of the folder used to be fine but now it just can't play. I have tried to move folder back between internal and external. Even updated firmware again. Any guess? 

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I'd use FLAC 0 if I want tags and art. Don't know why I didn't prefer uncompressed FLAC but personally I'd rather use WAV at that point and live without the art. FLAC 0 uses the least amount of resources to reconstruct and I do prefer it to higher rates for a marginally larger file size. There's always AIFF if the player can use it.


I strongly disagree with the links regarding res difference using the best dacs where rate isn't affecting the ability to decode correctly. I do agree there are more important things to getting the best sound than just sample rate (like avoiding USB, ducks) but given a good enough source....

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Hi Guys,


I haven't use my R10 since I bought my AK120 3 months ago. Today I try to copy some new song onto the R10 and listen to it. Man, does it sound good? I swear it sound much better than AK120, everything have more weight, more body. It may be not as airy or as spacious as the AK120. But everything else just better.


If it's not the the battery (I travel a lot), I almost want to put my AK120 for sale. I'm glad I still keep the R10.



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I sold my ak120. Although it worked better than the hdpr10. But the sound was just better so I kept it. Why don't you get a universal charger to use while traveling . To me it's worth the additional cost of mKing a charger.

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I have the modified AK100, the RWAK100. I have to say that the RWAK has very clear and neutral sound, with plenty of detail and great form factor.

Between that and the R10, I wouldn't be able to part with either.

The R10 has a different sound signature with a fuller sound, and more power. It sounds the best of any portable player that I have heard.


When I need portability I use the RWAK, but sitting at my desk at work, or lying in bed listening to music, the R10 is what I use.


The point is, there is always room for more than one player.

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Indeed, however we can also take away that in terms of sq the R10 is superior to a rwak100.
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I have bought 1 R10 that was shipped through Tenso and 2 others through procejapan. Both places are great to deal with and ship very fast however if you want a sealed unit order it through pricejapan. Both came with the cardboard under the R10 box and then shrink wrap around the whole package.
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Hello, music and ibasso lovers ;)

I bought HDP-R10, and firmware i have in this player is 9.0.3 ... as i understood, this is Beta release(i hear some noisy clicks when switch on/off display, HDPlayer often crashed and so on..).. can i downgrade it to 8.0.2? in hibino site i see "After the firmware is updated, it is not possible to downgrade the firmware. Please update carefully." ...

what version is the best for SQ? and which one each of you uses? 


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Relax. I have the unit for about two years
It always sounded as it does any firmware
Updates fixed bugs only. The original had all the stuff that iBasso
Had. The next update removed all this stuff
This update was to fix the loud pop
Don't worry. You have the best dap out here
Even now. And try it with an amp and headphones
To really hear just how good it is. I use it daily
But just started it. With the iBasso amp with my IEMS
And wow it's great.
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The R10 continues to impress, I can hardly wait to hear my JH13 FP's with it. They should be here Friday assuming there are no delays due to the inclement weather that is on its way.
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You will be impressed it's a great unit. And when you are ready to improve it further just by an amp like the one from iBasso or alo. It brings out the very last bit of goodness from your iems or headphones.
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Really an external amp will make a noticeable difference? I have read and also feel from memory (we all know how that is) that the internal amp in the dx/hdp is top notch. It is certainly very close to the Portaphile 627 which I consider the best amp I have ever heard or owned. Close enough that I wouldn't feel the need to purchase an external amp.

Out of curiosity which amp do you use with it Al? I suppose depending on your preferences an external amp may change the sound to your preference.
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