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Originally Posted by rmap View Post

Did anybody try this new 128 GB MicroSD with read speed of 90 MB/s?




I am currently using Toshiba Exceria 16 GB cards, but it seems the read speed of the 128 GB one is comparable to the Toshiba.

So you mean to tell us, there are legit 128 gb MICRO SD cards in the market? I would be damn happy to be honest but I never read anything about it.

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I do not know. But wasn't there someone who had a 128 gig card the large one that had an adaptor to make it work outside the case. The adaptor had a flat ribbon .

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Actually I did use successfully in the R10 a standard SD card 128 GB with an adapter to Micro SD (with flat ribbon). However, I was asking about the new Micro SD not SD 

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Aha your the guy then. You had an orange ribbon adaptor for it. And the sd card was on the outside .

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Actually I got the idea from somebody else on head-fi to be honest. However I tried it and it worked, although eventually I did not like to have the orange ribbon around the player.

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Lmao. Yea it did look a little funny but the point was made it worked. . I would think the new one would be ok too.
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I am tempted to try the new Micro SD 128 GB now. In principle it should work since I had the standard SD 128 GB working with the adapter. My main concern is about possible effects on sound quality because I am now using Toshiba cards which sounded better than 64 GB Sandisk.

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Really. I only have the as disk. , what do you hear as the difference ?

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With 64 GB sandisk cards I noticed a difference in sound quality between internal memory and the card, while with Toshiba they sound practically the same. Difference was in detail retrieval and slightly more grainy sound. Not huge put clearly audible.

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I have to test for that. For me what I did notice is format. Flac wav all,ok but when doing dsd on the fly. Not as good as the others. And the battery goes quick and last the already slow GUI. I also have a AK120. It has a much faster GUI .

BUT THE SOUND OF THE HDP beats it Sorry for the caps I slipped

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I agree with you about the sound of the R10. I have tried many DAPs, but eventually I always come back to the R10 and sell the others :)


Concerning the format I always use wav since I found it sounds the best.

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By the way, I have just ordered one of those new 128 GB Micro SD cards. I will post my impressions after I will receive it.

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Looking forward to it what type of speed is the micro sd?

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Ok and wav is best .mthis is true for all DAC S as well. But the wav META data is a pain and does not work very well in displaying info. If you read up on formats it is a general rule.

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Poimandres, I have ordered the Xtra Elite with read speeds of 100 MB/s, which should be even faster than the Toshiba I am using now. I hope that way I will minimize jitter .....


Al, yes I know meta data are a pain with wav, but I do not care too much about that and prefer to go for the best possible sound quality

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