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IFA Berlin Die Internationale Funkausstellung 1971 time 0:33  :jecklinsmile: 



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I do agree with you to some extent, just not sure I can put a percentage on this smily_headphones1.gif
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Originally Posted by complin View Post

It has since been claimed that the pair which Tyll had for review were faulty in some way which resulted in some of his criticisms.

I know what it's like to do poorly and make a convenient excuse for my performance. So I can totally relate to that.

One time in graduate school I didn't do well on an essay because I procrastinated, but I insisted that I mistakenly sent the professor a draft instead of the final copy.
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Ordered from Quad music Germany the Jecklin Float QA headphone with it's Transdyn active amplifier/powersupply.Because of some problems earlier 2012-2013 with the driver of the Float it was a gamble to order it .Some years are now gone and i was recently educated that problems were solved.The Float driver got it's latest incarnation few month ago and bass performance and midrange are now way better .I will report back as soon i get this system .At least the Float has now a easy operated integrated amp so it's hassle free .




nice link here IFA Berlin https://vimeo.com/102134859   year 1971

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Got a box from Germany very smooth transaction thanks,it includes a Float QA (Quad Atelier) headphone/earspeakers and a active Transdyn power supply.The Transdyn is quite heavy and feels sturdy and build quality is excellent.The Transdyn has volume control and effect switches were you can operate the Transdyn process.So what is Transdyn process this is a poor google translation:



”It’s main problem of transformation.The transformation problem makes every sound master most effective at recording. With only two transmission channels, a musical event must be brought from the concert hall to the much smaller living space.. However, the additional necessity of the dynamic transformation has not yet been taken into account:The original volume in the concert hall is too large for a recording in the living room. This is related to the room size. In large rooms, you can tolerate much more loudness than in small rooms. With a reduced playback power (usually a reduction from original 95dB to around 85dB), however, pianos of the music become too quiet. As expected, a piano with the original volume should be reproduced.


For technical reasons, it was mostly necessary to narrow down the dynamics in the past (note: vinyl record reproduction). However, the PCM technology (note digital technology) creates the possibility to leave the original dynamic range of music on the recording. However, it is also necessary to charge a reduced playback volume for psychoacoustic reasons during recording, whereby the original piano volume must be restored. The conventional possibilities (rules of hand, limit, compress) are however unsuitable. What is necessary is not a dynamic constriction, but a dynamic transformation.


The TRANSDYN Process:


The TRANSDYN Process restores the original piano on the basis of a reduced playback power of 8dB. At the same time, the frequency response corresponding to the curves of the same loudness is rectified correctly. In addition, the TRANSDYN process provides an illustration of the sound image by compensating for the masking effect of the hearing.

The TRANSDYN Process works dynamically. The necessary regulations are implemented independently of each other in three frequency bands. Since all psychoacoustical factors are properly considered, the process as such is completely inaudible. However, the reproduction of music recordings in a small room is significantly improved.The TRANSDYN Process can be applied both on the recording side as well as on the playback side.”


Manfred from QA explained if you want the max performance of QA Float headphone you need the Transdyn amp.He told also that the electrostatic driver got some tweaks recently and he pointed out that bass and midrange quality has increased to earlier incarnations.


First i like to mention that the Float QA headphone doesn’t have earpads so this problem is solved.The construction is quite lightweight and feels comfortable on your head, it’s always a individual adjustment.These are real mini electrostatic speakers wich are positioned close to your ears.The QA also points out that the Float QA is ”Wagnertauglich” wich means this system can reproduce the original drama ,atmosphere and dynamics of Wagners masterworks.Wagners music is based on huge orchestras ,does this mean that QA Float/Transdyn can almost reproduce it and other phones just collapse.


I will review this headphone as soon it is possible ,i have first to understand and test how the Transdyn process works.I will compare this ”loudspeakerphone” against HE-90/ Stax Omega 1/.Stax SR-007 and Sennheiser HD-800.

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Pictures here, it seems that following phones SR-009/HE-90/Omega 1/Float QA belong in the same category.The Transdyn process is interesting if it were in Stax amps it could elevate the phones to another level.I try to put a comparison soon and explain.Listening right now to Jazz at the Pawnshop i'm actually sitting in the Bar now and people are chatting around me-  crazy!! Reminds me when i first heard years back the Orpheus system size is similar but this is far more real.


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Would like to see the comparison with SR-009/Abyss/Taket H2+
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Transdyn as i hear it: Transdyn =dynamic transformation system .Transdyn is a genious system wich helps to transform the large dynamics wich can be realized in a concert hall to sort of dynamic wich fits for a living room.Also Transdyn helps to put instruments and voices right in place where they used to be on stage,even if they play at very low volumes. The control switch effect 1 is the threshold where you control the level of the signal the Transdyn shall work.The switch effect 2 you control the level of operation. Tested these knobs and ended up that i prefer the position on both switches up north/12 o'clock.On female vocals i switched the effect 2 knob at 1 o'clock definitely not much switching here.The Transdyn effect appears similar to when switching from HD-650 to HD-800 much more clarity ambience and space and a certain veil is removed On the recording Byron Metcalf/Shamans heart Transdyn not activated you hear drums and other unidentified voices and when you switch Transdyn on you are suddenly surrounded by birds bees and other insects.The same with female vocals they appear much more clearer.
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Originally Posted by czy6412 View Post

Would like to see the comparison with SR-009/Abyss/Taket H2+

Would not happen haven't heard Taket H2+and Abyss only at the Munich exposition

Not sure if you can make a good factual comparison against other top end phones but i try,i have first to put at least100 hours on them.

Don't expect from QA Float hard hitting bass it's far from it the Float is quite flat from top to upper bass

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Instructions for a ordinary headphone or a door to nirvana.The FloatQA/Transdyn is a very sensitive device and you have to see it as a unit,it makes no sense to evaluate QA Float as a stand alone unit.


Instruction 1.

if you just like a ordinary phone throw the Float on your head and plug it to Transdyn nothing special here average phone and headstage no sonic bliss.


Instruction 2.

If you follow these advices you open the door to nirvana.The Float transducer must have a 180° line with your head and ears.The ear position is exactly in the center of the transducer you can adjust it with the headbands.The driver should not touch your ears or only slightly this is the right geometric to use this phone .The Transdyn amp has 2x60w 8 Ohm with nearly no distortion and you should feed the amp with the purest signal you get.I had to hook all my power conditioners to the chain.Every single move you will hear clearly is it a USB cable or SSD or hard drive you hear it all.If you manage to get a pure signal the QAFloat/Transdyn will reward you as the purest and best headphone experience.


If you thought that Stax SR-009 is a microscope or a clean window it's not until you hear the Float.The Float is the cleanest transducer i know and i have heard or owned the best other out there.The Float is the Hubble microscope wich allows to hear the masterband hiss clearly be warned here on old recordings.The Float is so clean and flat that you can't hear harshness on any frequencies from top to bottom.The QA Float cannot produce good midbass or lower bass but this doesn't bother because you hardly notice it when listening.


The Float is pure neutrality where SR-009 is on the cold side of neutral and HE-90 on the warm side.The SR-Omega 1 is neutral but doesn't own this ultimate purity.Headstage is 20-30% larger than what you get from the headstage king HD-800.Positioning of instruments is on the level of HD-800 where the HE-90 is slightly diffuse, the SR-Omega1 is the only stat wich comes close.


Gestalt/body/chest a feature wich you can only hear with loudspeakers is present with Float,no other phone i have heard can produce it.For instance a singer,you perceive on better phones a head where the voice is coming from with Float you hear the voice coming from a human being with body /aura and chest the same with brass instruments you get the size and material from the instruments that's feeling of Gestalt.Church bells and cymbals you have probably never heard this real you know now the material and how it sounds.The Transdyn process should be activated otherwise you don't reach this point.

Is this raving? i don't know but i am a happy owner

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This thread sure got interesting. So only the integrated amp has the Transdyn system, not the power amp option (for use with another preamp)?

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as far as i know it's only available with the integrated version and i think it's better to build it this way and keep the connections inside as short as possible
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^ I guessed as much. Please keep the impressions coming.

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On Quad website i see a Transdyn stand alone device interesting, didn't know it exists

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