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So this guy claims that the Uptown's top the M50's.... - Page 4

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@ scott-tarlow

TSIG is a 'young audiophile'...

... but old audiophile loose the high perception (plus possibly other frequencies)

Please show us your audiogram before writing the review biggrin.gif

FYI I'm part of the old category...
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TSIG, I think you'll like the Fidelio L1. ;)


Real volume control, textured cables, similar design but much higher quality. I've been using mine since early January and I am still in love. So much that I also want to buy the M1.

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Originally Posted by Rezound Sound View Post

Feel nicer and sound nicer too!

I sort of understand the Beats bias on this site but don't kid yourself...Uptowns do not sound better than Beats Pros.  I understand Beats are not worth their price tag but come on...lol

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Originally Posted by TSIG View Post

I love the people that say the M50 have no bass—it just proves zero knowledge about headphones or audio as a whole.  I almost can't comfortably listen to the M50 because there is way too much bass.  Not to mention something like the PRO700MKII.

You just have lightweight ears when it comes to bass.  I don't how some head-fiers don't understand that some listeners are more sensitive to bass than others.  You also said Fanny Wangs had "thundering bass" I sold mine the next day after I got them because of the poor quality in bass.  Just respect bass connoisseurs and their point of expertise, especially if bass isn't your thing.

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Would the uptowns work well with Fiio e11
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Hey guys, this is my comparison of the 2 headphones. I am a new reviewer but I hope all my content is correct. Thank you for watching. http://www.youtube.com/watch?nomobile=1&v=sM4WpS3Z7vw
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I have listened to both the Uptowns and the M50s and the guy has a point. And he is a reputable source. The Uptowns are comfier and they have better mids , but the are not practical for traveling as the M50s are. They have a flat EQ which makes them good with almost any genre of music unlike the m50s that have more bass (not overwhelming ) and really good highs but mids are their weak point.

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That guy ain't any guy.

He is Quinn :P

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Guys sorry to bother but i have the opportunity to make the following deal...


Atm m50's for 80 euros




Shure srh440's + Philips Citiscape Uptown for also 80 euros (both)


Wich one do you think is more worth it?


I already have a pair of v6's and cal!'s... but you guys know.... XD Headphone fever...


I mostly listen to rock (artic monkeys, bloc party, etc...) and progressive house and trance (a lot of stuff from anjunabeats and enhanced...)


So what do you guys think? Are the m50s worth the same price as the other 2 combined?



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Anyone please?

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