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For Sale or Trade: Sony MDR-Z1000 SOLD

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For Sale or Trade:
Sony MDR-Z1000 SOLD

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Back up for sale with a big price drop. These sound spectacular but I would really like to try something new. And so I just cannot afford to keep these.

The headphones are in minty, like new condition and come with box and all accessories. If you're interested in these, feel free to send me a pm.

Thanks for looking!

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So you finally got your hands on a pair and you're selling them? How do they sound in comparison to the M-80? I'd be interested if the M-100 wasn't looming on the horizon. Maybe I'll win one. biggrin.gif

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Very detailed and musical. Mids are smooth and lush and the Z1000 has great bass extension and detail. The highs are nicely extended also with no fatigue whatsoever. They sound great out of an iPhone but these can really scale when amped. Not to mention the ergonomics and isolation are pretty perfect for portable use.

Against the M-80 the Z1000 is on a slightly higher level when it comes to detail and refinement. However I prefer the 'punch' that the M-80 has to offer in the lows. If it weren't for my lack of funds I would definitely keep the Z1000. This gives someone else a chance to enjoy them at a sweet price however.
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Still for sale, surprised no one has picked these up yet.

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I got a DT1350 but I'm not sure I want to part with them lol

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Hi, I've got a pair of Akg k550, 2 weeks old, full warranty, if you're interesed in the trade send me a p.m please.



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Still up for grabs.

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still for sale?

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Yep. Send me a pm if interested.

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Back up for sale! Looking for an ES10.
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