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For Sale:
FS: SM3 V2

Will Ship To: Anywhere

These were bought from Jaben in August last year, so theres about 4mths remaining


Perfect condition. I've still got the box and the spare ear tips, as I only used the shure foamies

I'll be happy to include the other unused sets of foamies with the iems


-I also bought the sensor com double flange tips which I will also thrown in, as I preferred the comfort and isolation of the foamies more


Only selling regretfully, as I've shipped my JH16's 3 times and and its going to be the fourth and the shipping fees are killing me... although I dig the sound :)


best universal iem I have ever heard.


Will include invoice and international shipping with this price (Paypal gift please)


If you have any questions, please let me know