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I'm so in.

All I have are some twenty dollar Mee M9s with the right ear going out.

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Originally Posted by Cassadian View Post

I'm very interested in your giveaway.  Sadly at this point in time I only have the Bose IE2.  Although I'm not expert critic, I can tell the slow decay, muddied sound, lack of textured bass and impact.


Save me from my ignorance and bring me into audio bliss!!


yes. Save him from his ignorance;)

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sign me up!


only earphone i have:

skullcandy ink'd

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I don't own any equipment right now. I'm returning the cx51 I own, sold my pl30, sold my pl10, my mx10 broke, and my x10 were Stolen.

Sign me up. I've really been wanting a pair of e30!

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I wanna join! Count me in for the giveaway

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Oh yes and I forgot to add that used to have a pair of brainwavz m1 and re2 but one side of earphone stopped working with both of them. Now I'm using some cheap jvc iems until I can get a good pair of replacements. I've got my eyes on the vsonic gr06 but a pair of E30 would be awesome. Thanks for the opportunity

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sing me up!


sony ex300
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i didn't expect so many responses really but I'll compile a list and then find some kind of random generator sometime before I sleep or tomorrow morning depending on if I am tired later or not.

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Put everyone's name on a paper and pull it out of a big bowl!

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Hey if you want I can give you an old script I wrote in python, just gotta look through some files but I'm sure I could find it.


Or the big bowl though, you should youtube the drawing if you do it that way ;)

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lol big bowl you crazy :) 


Also thanks for the offer idreaper but that won't be necessary.


I'm just going to put a list on excel of every user name entered and assign a number from 1 to whatever number it is and let a random generator choose the winner. then I'll do the same again except take out the username of whoever won to have a secondary prize. That should hopefully not take as long as a big bowl :P

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So I did this a bit later than I would have liked since work was busy today. The first drawing is for the Sound Magic E30 earphones which I will send out sometime this week assuming work is not busy or Saturday. I did the drawing by typing out everyone's username on an excel sheet and then using each row as a number. I then went to random.org and typed in the low and high number and let it choose the winner.


The first winner is emospence.


The second is for a Alpha Brainwavz (iirc) and it will be provided by another head-fi member who goes by dweaver. I was contacted shortly after the giveaway about his desire to give away an earphone for someone who can use it better so he decided to give this earphone away.


The second winner is peneloepi01



I will contact the winners via PM later when I get home as well as dweaver to let him know. If for some reason the winners do not respond within say a day or so I will draw again.

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Congratulations to both beerchug.gif

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Congratulations emospence and peneloepi01 bigsmile_face.gif

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Thanks guys! beerchug.gif


and  big THANK YOU Sir rawrster and Sir dweaver for sponsoring another IEM :) L3000.gif

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