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Here is a review of a mini bluetooth stereo headset MT005B I found in Hong Kong I wrote in response to an inquiry in the Full Size Headphones forum.

I was surprised like you there is little market response to this obvious consumer desire. I wanted a digital connection between my Rhapsody computer w/ range enough to wander all over my house without losing sound. 100m bluetooth came to mind but would have looked at Class N router technology also. I also wanted to plug in my own headphones.

The closest I found is here in a Hong Kong based supplier for $15.

Amazingly it works. It is Class 2 10m range, bluetooth ver. 2.0. I paired it with the Targus USB Bluetooth Adapter ACB20US 100m ver.2.0 w/edr which I found online for about $10. The edr does include enhanced bluetooth audio.

The bluetooth pairing works well. I can wander from the living room to the kitchen out the front door in the yard without it clipping. It wont make it upstairs to the far bedroom though.

The amplifier in such a small device is as expected as a bit tinny. My Sansa Clip Mp3 player sounds better.

One device I can steer you away from is the Motorola over the collar model. Earlier bluetooth technology like here w/ not any better sound, & extremely uncomfortable over the collar receiver.

I tested the Targus adapter on Windows 7, & it does not work. Microsoft does list the device as also not upgradeable to Win. 7. I have it working on a duel core XP machine. There are Vista drivers listed on the Targus website.

So for $25, Ive got a pretty good sounding, decent range digital headphone. Maybe this would be good enough for you also for the time being while corporate figures out what we really want which is a 100m Bluetooth 4.0 w/ audiophile amplifier in a beltclip package with standard class AA rechargeable batteries.

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