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How do these look?

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Well, I've been using my hd580s and denon 370 with my cmoy for a few months now. I've been itching to start building again! Now, can you guys give me some amp ideas? Lets mainly stick to the amps on headwize. So, tube or solid state?

1) Kumisa III
-It looks complicated, but I tihnk I'm up to the challenge!

Top-Level OTL Tube Headphone Amplifier
by Andrea Ciuffoli
This one doesn't look to bad to build. I'm interested in tubes! Lots of people seem to like em!

3) A Single-Ended OTL Amplifier for Dynamic Headphones
by Aren van Waarde
Looks easy to build! And the author says it should sound great with hd580s, etc!

4) Your suggestions!
How much will one of these amps cost to build, btw?
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I'm telling you, tubes are good for your health.
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Only when you do not touch the capacitors, right Jon?

Andrew, you really need to use web standard formats for pictures, bmp is not... go png!

I say go for the tube OTL! The easier one, of course
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hahaha. good one chych! I've had some painful experiences with tubes due to clumsiness and stupidity "tubes are capaci-what?"
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Should I build the first or second tube amp?

Oh, and what about jan's HA-1?
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How much would a HA-1 cost to make?
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Guys, OK. Should I: build one of the tube amps, the ha-1, or the kumisa?
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