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For Sale:
Firestone Audio Fireye II

Will Ship To: North America

Up for grabs is my Firestone Fireye II, which is a fine little USB DAC.


It does have the channel imbalance issues at low volume that are prevalent with this amp, but it works great if you turn the computer volume down and adjust from there.  It's a huge upgrade from laptop audio, and drives quite a few headphones with ease.


I put some sugru silicone pads on the bottom, which are a little unsightly but keep it from sliding around.  I suspect it would be possible to remove them if desired.  I will include a USB cable, as well as an adapter that can be used to run it off AC power instead of USB power, which should improve quality slightly.


I'm asking for $45 plus shipping.  Canadian sale is preferred, but I'd be willing to send it to the USA as well.  Please don't inquire about overseas shipping.


Thanks for looking.