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For Sale: Phiaton MS-400

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For Sale:
Phiaton MS-400

Will Ship To: North America

I am selling my Phiaton MS-400.  They don't get much use now that I have my V-Moda M80s, but I still think they are an underrated pair of headphones that are worth owning.


These are in excellent condition, and come with all adapters, cables, and the protective carrying case.  I don't have the original box for them.


I am looking to sell these for $120, plus shipping costs.  I would like to keep these in Canada, but I'd be willing to ship them to the States as well.  Please do not inquire about overseas shipping.


Thanks for looking.

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Agreed, very nice sounding set of cans, wish I had kept mine.

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These are now pending...

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hey, if that falls through i get next dibs!

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These are now sold and shipped.  Thanks for the interest.

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