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Hisound Audio Paa-1 Pro Earbuds

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Being someone that likes earbuds, I wanted to try something new. So here goes a 'review' wannabe, and probably my most serious post here.


Specs: (provided by Jack from Hisound, thanks!)


Size of the driver@16

impedance32 OHM


Maximum SPL (Sound pressure level)120db1khz1 Vrms

Frequency response17-22khz

earphone jack 3.5mm

Cable length124cm


Price: $50 + shipping



They come inside a hard plastic box (pictures to come…).

Inside , the earbuds already come with a pair of foams on them , and there are 2 extra pairs and a shirt clip. Nothing great, but there's no need  for more, specially as I'm only using them at home. A carry case, or at least a bag, could be  useful.

Personally, I find the foam pads very cheap. My Sennheiser MX471 foams were MUCH better.  But you can get extra ones for cheap on ebay.

As for built quality. The housing themselves feel pretty sturdy (which is the most important point). It's all plastic, but a thick one. I'd say much better than the cute Yuin series, and still better than the mx471. on par with the Akg below mentioned.

The cable is a bit thin, very flexible but not tangle prone, with a rubbery texture. Not sleek as the mx471 and also not strong as both the Yuin's or Akg's. The plug  too, is like most of Hisound earphones, a straight one, and a bit thin, but fits greatly through my sansa clip silicone case.



the box



2 extra foam pads and a shirt clip





plug and Y-split



asymetric housing (like the Sennheiser MX760)

with and w/o the foam


Comfort and fit:

Well, again, I like earbuds as they fit my ears great. These are on the large side, though. Take in count they use a 16mm driver.

For refernce, the Yuin PK- were the MOST comofortable earphones I ever tried. The Senn's MX**1 series, are at second place, with their ergonomic 'for women' fit. An these are on par with the MX500 and similar ones



Yes, the most difficult part to write.

My source is a 1+ year Sansa clip+. The files quality varies from 192-320kbps (most), Flac, and a  few 128kbps.

The music is ONLY J-ROCK/POP/ANISON. Lots of vocals, and a very very few instrumental/karaoke versions.

I didn't burn-in'ed the PAA-1 Pro, I don't intend to, too. I just like  to enjoy their 'evolution'. So I'd update the review as they change with time.


At the first  listening, it's like "BOOM". The bass is immediately perceived. Not that is a bass-heavy earphone, but it gives a good amount, for what an earbud can do. It isn't the tighest bass (not when compared to the great PK1) and not the deepest one (again compared to the Yuin…), but it does have enough mid-bass body to be called a 'fun' earphone (which is what the PK1 may be lacking). U-shape or even V-shaped sound. Yes, it's very lively and 'fun'.

Going to the treble, it's pretty much smooth, no high pikes and definitely no sibilance (very unlike the k312)

Mids are well detailed. But vocals can sound a bit distant because of the big bass, unless you listen at a higher volume. Not so engaging or sweet, but well balanced with the rest of the music.



Good news are, that after a more burn-in, the sound starts to be open, closer to a headphone so to say. instrument separation is better, and mids are getting a more upfront position, without being called forward, but less veiled.

bass has more body too, depending on the position the sit in the ear.


For Rock and/or non-vocal centred music these are great.


Ah, and they're a bit less effective and need a higher volume to shine

as for street or noisy places , they're  useless. at least compared to other earbuds i tried.


In conclusion (for now), for what I listen they're a good product. Personally, I'd like a more midrange emphasis, but not at cost of the low-end.

I haven't tried the similar priced Yuin PK3, but I do hope to get a chance to try the new Blox m2c.

I did had the Hisound Crystal for a few months, which I liked a lot. The Paa1 Pro share a similar presentation, but on an open earbud design


Hope you enjoyed. Feel free to comment.

Pictures to come…  added

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Pics added!

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