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Hi everyone. I'm looking for my first pair of decent phones. Actually, I should say my second pair. I just bought the Senn HD 205's and they are complete crap. No midrange at all. When I turn  midrange up on the EQ, it sounds like the speakers are blown. The headphones they hand out at my local library are much better.  Luckily I only paid $30 on craiglist (still got ripped).  For my second attempt, I settled on the JVC Harx 900's, mostly because they are cheap and seem to provide good sound for the cost. I just can't justify spending more than $100 for my first pair. I just saw a pair of Shure 440's go on craiglist for $65 though, so I'm wondering what you all recommend the JVC's at brand new $54 and the Shure's used at $65. They will be used mostly for gaming, music and movies in that order. Thanks.


A third possible option is the Audio Technica m50s. A guy has one listed for $129, but I might offer $100.

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