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I don't think the chrome edition differs in terms of sound signature. It's just the exterior design. It's still the same T90. Overall,Its balanced with a very good mids and details but the highs is something that you wanna take note for especially if you have an issue with piercing highs. Might wanna get an amp to tame that highs though. Personally, I would say, just grab one. Its an awesome pair of headphones :) 

And of course the seller on ebay just sold the last one when I wasn't at home...

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I thought I would do a short review of the T90 chrome edition I bought a few months ago. First a background on headphones I've owned previously. Over the years I've had Sony mdr-v6, Grado sr60/80, Ultrasone pro750 and Beyerdynamic dt880 (my previous favorite). The Grado and Ultrasone tended to have harsh resonances in the higher end which were offensive at higher volumes or with certain music. I never heard the high frequency peak of the dt880 and they just sounded very smooth and linear top to bottom. I wish I still had them for comparison. I never understood the love for Grado if you have much over $100 to spend, the Beyer was superior in every way and I compared them directly with FLAC of Kurt Cobain unplugged.


I currently have the T90 and Audio-Technica AD1000x, both with different pads and listening through Little Dot 1+ with Sparko Labs op amps (to me they sounded more open and cleaner than the Burson v5) and RTC 5654RT tubes. For pads, my favorite are the Audeze micro-suede even though they are really too big for either headphone. When I first got the Beyer dt880 I thought the pads feel like pillows on my head and were super comfortable. The T90 pads are almost as good (I wonder if they are slightly thinner but don't have the dt880 for comparison). But the Audeze pads are a whole new level! I wish every headphone had these pads. They do alter the T90 sound very noticeably. With stock pads the driver sits very close to your ear, the mids and highs are very upfront and razor sharp. It didn't bother me most of the time but you don't want to crank the music. In comparison it made the AD1000x sound dark and a bit congested. The T90 is a detail monster! With the Audeze pads your ear is pushed away from the driver and relaxes the laser beam highs a bit as well as creating a larger cavity which, while sounding a bit hollow in comparison, gives a mild reverb style effect which sounds more 3d to me, more room-like. Now the T90 feels more balanced. Although the AD1000x still sounds a bit fuller and warmer/thicker. The T90 in comparison sounds a bit more linear but has a sort of clinical or slightly thin or brittle sound. I wish I could combine aspects of both headphones. The T90 sounds just slightly thinner in the lower mids than I would like but the AD1000x sounds just a bit too thick through the upper bass and lower mids region. I probably listen more often to the T90 though. I'm curious to compare the AD1000x to the Sennheiser hd650. I suspect they may be more similar than different. I would love to hear the T1 and dt1990 as well as the Sennheiser HD800S. But I'm most tempted by the Stax L300 or L500 as my next headphone when I have money to spend. Although I'm now addicted to tube amps and I want to upgrade from my Little Dot. (which I suspect is not the best match for the T90).



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I'm thinking about picking up a Schiit Magni 2 and plugging it into my ASUS Xonar DG sound card (at least for the time being) to drive a pair of Beyerdynamic T90.


The Xonar DG has a built-in headphone amplifier, but as far as I can tell, it is turned off when you switch the sound setting in its control panel to speakers. It's supposed to have a decent DAC. I'm currently playing around with a tiny portable amplifier (Fireye Mini+) plugged into the card and I'm not hearing any noise or other interference as far as I can tell. It seems to be completely quiet even when turned all the way up (obviously not with anything playing).


The main worry would be some people describing the Magni 2 as slightly bright, and as you know, the T90 is bright like the sun. However, I've also heard people say the O2 is slightly bright and/or that the O2 and Magni sound more or less identical. I have heard the T90 with an O2 and it wasn't a problem for me.


Anyone who can comment on the T90 and Schiit Magni 2?

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T90 & Schiit Mangi 2 Uber sounds fine, to my old ears, yet the T90 and a Vali 2, with a smooth tube, is better :)




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I was initially hesitant to purchase the Beyerdynamic T90 given their reputation as bright and painful, but taking a little bit of adherent risk paid off a large dividend in the end. As I was planning on buying a pair of headphones as a reference set for my upcoming review site, I was initially drawn to the Sennheiser HD 800 and Beyerdynamic T1. To acquire either, I would have been required to sell off my desktop computer to obtain the necessary funds for purchase. However, I noticed the price on the T90 had dropped by half of what I had seen over two years ago when I was considering purchasing the T90 refurbished for $399 from ProAudioStar. Back at that time, I backpedaled on that deal later on when I saw the HD 700 drop to around $450 on SonicElectronix and, as it turned out, the HD 700 was far too dark in the upper midrange and in the uppermost treble for my tastes.


Fast forward to about a month ago, I noted in passing that the T90 had dropped considerably in price, going for around $200 or less used and around $229 to $299 new with the introduction of the Chrome Exclusive Limited Edition model. I was completely--and ignorantly, as I would find--content with my DT 880 but I decided to bump up the plan of getting a serious set of headphones for my review site to now. The reason being was by a stroke of luck, an observant Head-Fi'er a noted my otherwise stray dangling post in a For Sale/For Trade listing where I replied there I had acquired DT 880 from the seller. After accepting their offer and selling off the pair to this individual, I had sufficient funding for a pair of headphones in the $200 to $300 price range. I was faced with two decisions: (1) sell off my desktop and buy either the Sennheiser HD 800 or Beyerdynamic T1; or retain it and either (2) buy the T90 blind and see how that would fare, for better or for worse.


I read, read, and re-read reviews and I found quite a few reviewers raving about it here and on YouTube and then the few who said it was a bright, piercing experience and would be best avoided. What stood out to me were the comments on its excellence in demonstrating excitement, presenting realistic soundstaging and the high level of detail retrieval. Realizing that the positive comments seemed to be far more persuasive and I also enjoyed the DT 990 Premium 600-ohm, I decided it would never truly know what these headphones sound like unless I acquired them to try them first-hand. After all the complaints and trashing of this headphone even by some prominent members of Head-Fi, I am so glad that I took the risk and bit the bullet!


I have been missing out on so much and if I could describe these headphones as the product of two other headphones, I would say these provide the excitement and fun factor the Denon AH-D5000 minus the annoyance of its very slight lower bass boost and combine that with the extreme detailing and refinement of the HD 800. One thing I recall the HD 800 being very proficient at and previously the only headphone that I thought could do this was allow me to clearly and immediately see the individual sounds in recordings as their separately recorded parts. This is analogous to an overhead projector (or recording) and being able to make each of the individual transparencies (or tracks) on top of one another as they are being placed, removed and adjusted (or panned in and out, having equalization applied, and so on) as the presenter (or recording engineer) sees fit. With the T90, I was instantly reminded of this quality in HD 800 when I demoed it and I also get this same mixing room-level access to real-time transparency-like detail-mongering of all my music. Only unlike the HD 800 which came across a bit reserved and contemplative, T90 is extremely dynamic and fun-filled as if I had become the microphone there on the day of the recording with all the soul and fervor of the player or singer still intact. Listening at 85 dB, the film industry's calibrated reference level which is predominately used in the music industry as well, the T90 sounds like heavenly perfection. As such, listening at lower volumes of 70-75 dB, my standard listening zone, the T90's definition and finesse does not diminish.


On a side note, I am also quite surprised how the midrange is no longer ever-so-slightly recessed like it was the DT 990 Premium 600-ohm and, to a lesser degree, on the Denon AH-D5000. I was also afraid given all the complaints about the highs and treble in general and the general U-shaped nature of these headphones that the midrange would be restrained to some degree dynamically. I have found there are dynamics in the sound but it translates to every portion of the frequency range, including the midrange. When I listen to older recordings including some from the big band genre, the midrange is very expressive and detailed unlike on the Denons or the DT 990 Premium 600-ohm which have a tendency of making the midrange seem slightly distant and reserved at times. Additionally, several tracks that I use specifically to test for brightness and that I know for a fact had slight treble issues on the DT 990 Premium are actually, by virtue of the T90's improved drivers, smoother, more dynamic and well-extended.


Much to my satisfaction after testing around a dozen or so devices, I will say these headphones can be bright but only if you pair them with an underpowered or bright distortion-ridden source. If I plug them into a Lightning to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter connected to my iPhone SE, its highs can be piercing with a few modern brightly produced music but only due to the fact that the bass is quite underpowered and underrepresented, thereby pushing the treble and midrange forward. If I plug them into my iPhone SE's built-in 3.5mm headphone jack, they are a teeny bit bright but the lower midrange and bass has filled in by a very noticeable amount and I am never bothered. However, if I plug them into my Surface Pro 4 or, to a very slightly higher degree of improvement, to the output of, say, a LH Labs Geek Out V2 or an Objective2/ODAC combo (which was bright with my DT 990), the T90 achieves an otherworldly level of clarity and naturalness without any brashness or brightness to speak of.


These conclusions come after having carefully demoed many headphones including several flagship or top-of-the-line models, such as:

HiFiMAN HE-1000: possesses great frequency extension but is reserved dynamically even with powerful desktop amplifiers/DACs
AKG K812: weird resonance and inconsistent, peak treble response

Sennheiser HD 800: possesses incredible soundstaging and pinpoint detailing but lacks ever so slightly in engagement though nothing like the HE-1000

JPS Lab Abyss: has great lower midrange and bass along with a very strange lower treble, upper midrange hole that reminded me of the HE-400 (original release; not S or i)

Grado PS-1000: has a soft distortion which clouds the inner detail and its upper bass and low to mid treble are noticeably boosted to try to remedy this only making them sound a bit off

In short, unless I ever get the chance to demo the T1 and it can prove compelling enough over the T90 without being too analytical, I can safely say the T90 is my official end-game pair of headphones. For the measly sum of $200 which I paid for them, I almost feel like I did something morally wrong because their current going price on the open market has to be the greatest steal in Hi-Fi to date! I am extremely proud and quite enthusiastic to be the newest member of team T90!

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