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Yea, understand how you feel mate. I listened to my Crack for awhile before installing Speedball. In my experience, it retained all of the pre-speedball charm, but sped up (mainly bass) and tightened up. It was all win for me.

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That description is helpful, thank-you. I will be making a trip to Bottlehead so I can hear stock and Speedball side by side. What tubes are you using in your Speedball mod Crack?

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Will join the Crack Club in a few days. Bought a used Btlhd Crack (with SB) :smile: from the FS/T forum.

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:beerchug: Congratulations! It's a keeper and a lot of fun with the T90!

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 :beerchug:What are your fav tubes with the T90 ? The Crack will come with the stock tubes & I have TS 5998, Mullard 6080WA , GE 6AS7G  +  Tungsram E80CC, Mullard ECC82.

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Fwiw if someone can't afford crack the aune t1 is a good value... edit: taking back my better than vali statement.
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Originally Posted by punit View Post

 :beerchug:What are your fav tubes with the T90 ? The Crack will come with the stock tubes & I have TS 5998, Mullard 6080WA , GE 6AS7G  +  Tungsram E80CC, Mullard ECC82.

TS5998 is a great tube! I enjoy that one, also enjoy an GEC A1834 brown base, several Sylvania 7236, some Bendex 6080WB, etc. Also like the RCA 12AU7 clear tops and CBS Hytron 12AU7.

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Just pulled the trigger on a t51p because I wanted something like the t90 that I could use in the library without pissing everybody off. Anybody else in here have one?


I gave the dt 1350 a try and loved it but it clamped way too much to remain comfortable for hours of studying, especially while wearing glasses. I read that the headband on the t51p is completely different and it uses plushier cushions.


I think I'm becoming a tesla addict. Everything else sounds muddled to me. Tried out a sennheiser momentum today for a few hours and I came away unimpressed.

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Is there anyone here interested in trade your DT t90 for my Dt880/600 ohm + some cash? My Dt880/600(flawless condition) is just 2-week-old which I bought direct from authorized dealer and I still have an invoice. :ksc75smile: Send me a pm please.   

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This is an appreciation and discussion thread. Not a place to garner interest on trades and sales. Please keep things of that nature to the classifieds and pms.
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I am having mixed feelings still about this headphone. 


On one side it does so much right(comfort, airiness, sound stage, detail).......but no matter what I do this treble spike is killing it for me. I equalize it and it initially sounds better and I get excited about how good they can sound, but then I listen to way lesser cans like an M50 or my dt 250 on my ipod throughout the day, and when I come back to my high end set up at night, I really don't feel I like what im hearing any more, these high's are beginning to become a deal break for me, I should be enjoying the hell out of this set up, but im not.....its just irritating now.......I just think I might be into the warmer/flatter flavoured headphones :/. I've actually given up on them and got my M50's on now. 




LCD 2's/dt880's maybe?



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I would suggest try HE 500 then, same amount of detail but bit less soundstage, hence more intimate.

If you use EQ , then why is the treble spike bothering you ?

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I don't want to equalize too much, also plugging in speakers and different headphones I dislike changing equalizer settings. 


I had the HE-500's great headphone.....but found it very uncomfortable. 

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Hmm... then you have no option but to buy the T1  :bigsmile_face:

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The t1 is sweeter but has more of a treble spike...the way I look at it, live music will hurt your ears the same way. Just stand next to a crashing cymbal or trumpet. Imo..a HP that suppresses treble isn't accurate.
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