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I just sold my hd800s, i never got all that from them. . Wish i had. Must have been my amping
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The HD800 really came alive when I paired them with the Zana Deux. But I still spend a great deal of time with a WA7 and a T90 as it makes for a very fun listening session.

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I was doing the same saving for the T1 and got the cash but I saw there and figured I will save a few hundred for something else. 

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I also have the DT-990 so I will post a review once my T90 arrive. I am using all Schiit Audio equipment. I have a Gungnir DAC with at Vahalla amplifier. Nordost Heimdall and Nordost USB cables. 

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At the recent Seattle meet I heard my T90 on a Vahalla (via uber Bifrost) and it was really nice. Better than my Asgard 2 - less edge, smooth but still good detail, very open and effortless soundstage. These seem to need the higher output impedance.

In contrast the Vahalla made tha bass of my SM64 flabby, where it is nice and tight through the Asgard 2.

It will be interesting to get your impressions (but I think you'll be pretty happy).
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Well -  after a very long wait my T90s arrived and on balance I like them a lot. They are very bright but also crystal clear and revealing.


I paired them with my Little dot MKV and they were to sharp for me so I tried a tube amp (MKIII). I dont really like the sound from the tubes as I feel it I am degrading the resolution of the sound going to the t90 to try and hide it's bright nature. Not trying to start an argument over SS vs Tunes - it's just not the approach for me.


So I followed the EQ advice laid out earlier in this thread and went back to the MKV and applied gentle EQ to tame the high end without compromising the clarity - really love this headphone now and cant see my HD650s getting much headtime as they sound so muddy in comparison.


Does anyone have any ideas about physical mods to tame the treble peaks instead of EQ? I know there has been a fair amount of work done on modding the T1 to smooth out the treble -  has anyone tried applying any of these mods with our t90s?

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I agree that the Valhalla sounds better with high impedance phones. I have the Denon D-2000 32 ohm which sound better with the Asgard2 which I own as well. The Beyerdynamic DT990 sound better with the tube amp because they are 600 ohm. I have verified this the Valhalla blows away the Asgard2 with the DT990s it is a very clear difference . 

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  bump. still on page 35,skipping unnecessary comments and concentrating on proper reviews.


  still trying to get through this thread. interesting,perplexing and just about the most widely varying reviews I have ever seen is all I can say.


  i'm trying to decide if I should try this next or one of hifimans planers.

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I'd say go with the planars first. they resell easier. t90 is pretty hit or miss and not easy to unload if you don't like them. Be prepared to take a loss of 100 or so reselling.
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Where is the equalizer advice, what post?



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Originally Posted by Flognuts View Post

Where is the equalizer advice, what post?



The first result when you type in equalize in the search bar here is helpful.


The search results for "search this thread" gave me this.

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Ahh ok lol. 


I thought there may have been other advice aswell. 



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If you have acces to a parametric equalizer try these settings (3 peak bands)

I "handcrafted" them for my T90s a while ago. These tame the sibilances without losing "air" and retrieve a little bit of high-mids, which seem to be a little bit subdued. With these I find the T90s to be comparable to the T1s in some aspects such as impact.
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Can I use or download a parametric equalizer to use with foobar2000? or is it a piece of hardware? 


im pretty happy the -1 drops between 7hz and 14hz

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Look for aixcoustic electri-q - one of the finest collection of EQ algorithms available. It is a SW plugin that will work with foobar2000, JRiver Media Center and any host that supports VST plugins.
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