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What's irrelevant? The DT770 seems to be phased out, and now the T70 has a 32 and 250phm model. Sounds like a successor to me. Not all headphones stick around. The Premium Beyers replaced older models as well. The Tesla line sounds like the new mid fi Beyer line. Relevant enough, I'd say.

If the T90 is the successor, the current DT880s may soon be gone.
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Looking forward to these cans.
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Yo guys,


I sent beyer an e-mail asking for a review sample. Hopefully they will let me get one. Really looking forward to their e-mail!

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Originally Posted by Grado77 View Post

nah, don't think so

gonna be T70, DT880, and T90

DT880 is their bread and butter can IMO.

It was their bread and butter before, and was replaced by an arguably inferior version that you know today. Again, models don't always last forever. The T90 can be their new bread and butter. Given some time, they'll go down in price like the T70s have, and may eventually phase out the 880s just as the 770s were their 'bread and butter' closed can.
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At least it is looking nice :) no custom tho:( i wish i could custom my DT1350.

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Yeah we do. No one expected the DT770 to be discontinued, yet here we are.

No one expected the popular fostex driver Denons to be discontinued, yet here comes the gaudy D7100, and there goes the rest.

Things change.
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Originally Posted by Grado77 View Post

Successor this, successor that...........all irrelevant IMO.


The T70 I used for a while sounded nothing like a Beyer. Carried no similar signature to my DT 880 or 990. The Tesla driver is a completely different design, these cans are unique beasts.


Looking forward to reviews on T90.

T70 is not even close to sound like any of the DT-770 versions either.
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Herr Beyer, why you has no replaceable cables !?


Tesla T1 cables.jpg

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guys... seriously... does head-fi have selective advertising algorithms now or something?  I swear 75% of the time I'm being spammed with this banner


Tesla T5p advertisement expressive sound.png



I already have the T5p, I don't need to see this all the time, anyone else have it on their screen all the time?

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Here are some pics of the T90. I have been burning them in for 3 days along with a pair of DT990s. I will also compare to the T1 and maybe the DT880.

As far as I have been told the DT990/880 are here to stay. But we know how that goes:) These models outsold the DT770 and if I remember right the DT990 sells the most of those 3. Which is strange as I sell more DT880's and prefer them over the DT770/990. 

The driver looks almost identical to the T70 driver. The DT770/880/990 all had variations to the driver design. It was easy to tell one from the other based on venting and damping. The inner grill structure, under the outer cup clothe of the T90 is more like the DT880 design than the DT990. The DT990 as you know had the vertical slots on the outside of the cup and nothing behind them except for the wool-like donut rings that helped diffuse the slot openings and changed the Q of the enclosure. The DT880 used these same donuts but had a grill for opening diffusion. The T90 uses no internal dampening material in the cup. The earpads of the T90 are the same as the T1. Thus giving a better gap between ear and the felt padding between the driver and your ear. I know some folks have complained about the T70 earpads as they are not as thick as the T1/T90 pad and thus their ears touched the felt pad. The Felt pad is the same as the T70. I have not listened to the phones yet as I wanted them to get some hours on them. I can say they do have good bottom end. But more to follow later:)


T90-1.JPG T90-2.JPG T90-3.JPG

Thank You. Drew Baird, P.E. Moon Audio 308 Chrismill Lane Holly Springs, NC 27540 919-649-5018 drew@moon-audio.com http://www.moon-audio.com Moon...

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Excellent photography there!  Looking forward to reading about your impressions.smily_headphones1.gif

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Can't wait until full impressions/comparisons are out. It's the only headphone I'm remotely interested in right now.
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