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I have 2 O2/ODACS and they dp very well with the normal gains...never have to use the 6+ gain. I mostly use the unity gain setting and it sounds great.


The new element has great specs and should play them very well also.




Right on. I've heard that the O2 can exacerbate brightness slightly and was just curious how it might interact with the T90s tendencies.

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Well ya know...if the O2 is ruler flat how can is exarcerbate the T90's brightness, if they are bright well they will just sound bright!! LOL.


I go back an forth from the crack to the O2 and the ODA I DIY's...all sound wonderful...


One thing I have said over and over is have you ever listened to a live band up close...the sounds of the brass, trumpets, horns are indeed very bright...thats the way they sound so when I listen to Walter Parazaider or James Pankow blating out on trumpets well the T90's make then sound like trumpets...and thats really brighjt and hard to listen to at high volumes....listen to some of the old Chicago Transit Authority stuff..man thats bright, and thats the way it is and was......the T90's make it listenable to me. Lots of the younger set listening to highly compressed stuff thats recorded not very well makes people thing that things like the T90s are hard, harsh, bright, brash etc...name your adjective here.


Music is music and instruments are what they are, done yo want to hear the wire brushes and symbol crashes???


Smiling here!



Try some David Sandborn and see how his trumpet sounds.....ouch it will pierce your ears, but again thats what it is..

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