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Best Closed headphones for Electronica

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I am, admittedly, an audio neophyte and have been searching the Internet seeking definitive advice on the “best” closed headphones for electronica. A few points of clarification: (1) I realize that “best” can be subjective, and am accordingly seeking reasoned opinions. (2) By electronica, I mean electronic music that ranges from vocal trance to glitch-hop and everything in-between. (3) I am planning on listening to the music on an unamplified iPhone. (4) I prefer closed headphones, but would consider in-ear as well. (5) I would like to spend no more than $450.


I currently own Beyerdynamic DJX-1 headphones, and have previously owned lower-end Sennheiser, Beats and Shure headphones. I have read good things about the AIAIAI TMA-1, Denon D2000, Audio-Technica ATH-M50, and Sennheiser HD25 series headphones.


Please help me decipher which headphones are most likely the best based on the aforementioned criteria. Any information or opinions would be appreciated.




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Seems like I listen to along the same lines of music as you; I currently have the D2000s and they're quite good at all sorts of EDM. They'll sound decent from an iPhone, too. Can't say anything about any of the headphones you listed except for the M50 and HD600, but in my experience I'd say that the D2000 is definitely a step above both of those two for electronica.

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For electronica, dubstep, etc. the Senn HD600 would be great, giving you great detail from all the electronic bits.  Only thing is they're not closed and would need an amp.


I have no idea about the other phones, but their low impedance would be better suited to an iPhone, I think.

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Thank you. Any other recommendations?


What about the Shure ES535? How would they compare against a similar priced closed headphone?

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I'd try the Ultrasone Pro 900's but you also might want to look into V-moda's offerings (I wouldn't recommend something I haven't heard myself), listen to them all first! See what you like

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The Ultrasone PRO900 is indeed rather good at electronic music, in fact its probably the only kind of music that its good at, as it is way too harsh and sibilant for most acoustic music and rock. With this said, since you listen to a wide range of music within the electronica umbrella, I think the Ultrasone's lack of versatility would be a hindrance.


The AIAIAI TMA-1 is a very good choice, but I am not really sure if it would be a significant upgrade over the Beyerdynamic DJX-1 that you already have... Neither would the ATH-M50.


The Denon D2000 would be a definite upgrade. It is an excellent headphone for electronic music; however, I am basing my opinion on a rather old model that a friend of mine has. Recently Tyll measured old and new batch Denons and discovered that the new models have audibly different sound signatures. No idea what the new model would sound like since I've never heard it.


The AKG K550 reportedly is quite awesome for electronica as well, but I've never heard it. It's getting good reviews though. Might be worth considering.


Finally, Sennheiser is about to release an updated version of their HD25 headphone called the Amperior. The HD25 is already a legendary headphone for electronic music (lots of DJs use them) and it seems very likely that the Amperior will be even better. It might be worth waiting for this headphone as it may well turn out to be the 'best' headphone for this kind of music. 

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Alright, thank you for your feedback.



If I were to create a shortlist with:



1. Senn 25HD Amperior

2. Denon D2000

3. Shure ES535



is there a clear favorite?

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Originally Posted by brasch View Post

Alright, thank you for your feedback.



If I were to create a shortlist with:



1. Senn 25HD Amperior

2. Denon D2000

3. Shure ES535



is there a clear favorite?


I would go with the D2000. They sound very nice with EDM tracks. 


By ES535, I take it you mean Shure's SE535 IEM? They are good with most types of music, but they don't shine at EDM. Go with the Denons.

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Denon D2000 plus an amp for around $70.00 or so minimum.




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a pair of ultrasones ;) ...if you're gonna limit them to edm. My 750's are just okay with other genres

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For me the best for electronic music is Ultrasone pro 900.

I have also Denon d 2000, v-moda m80, senn hd 25 1 II, Ultrasone pro 2500 and superlux hd668b.

I sell my senn hd 600, i think it is a good headphone but i don't like for electronic music, it's too slow and without a real bass.

For a portable kit without an amp v-moda is very good.

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I've had the HD600s and still own the D2000s.... the latter are much better for electronica in my view. The HD600s just didn't cut it... too laid back.


However, as good as the Denons are, the D2000s are hopeless as a portable. The cable is very long and heavyweight, it's frankly a pain in the arse unless your sat in a chair.


IEMs are certainly worth considering. I mostly listen to electronica and rock (both genres share many similar nuances) and I'm finding the Yamaha EPH-100s are doing a good job.


I would like a portable closed 'phone to complement the Yamahas, but I'm still weighing up many options. I'll be keeping an eye on your direction.

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Kenwood KH-K1000. If you like more bite and don't mind open (and clampy) cans, Ultrasone PRO2900. Haven't heard the 900's to comment on, but from the K1000 thread, I don't feel like you'd be missing much by skipping them for one of the other two. redface.gif
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I'd also give the d2000s my vote. They sound awesome, but if you find them too bulky and unable to carry around, take a look at the akg k550s. The two are similar, and it's down to miniscule details that would sway your opinion.

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If you need closed for isolation, I'd stay away from the D2000. There are aspects I like of  the AKG-K550 (black background, details, easy to drive) but its bass is definitely reserved (though quality) and its treble can be earpiercing. HD25-1ii wouldn't be bad but I didn't care for its vocals; the mids are slightly recessed for my tastes. I would definitely consider the Westone 4 or RE272 w/ the extra into a really good amp like the C421 w/ a bass boost.

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