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Originally Posted by Dsnuts View Post

The MH1s are more laid back sounding with great musical detail in the upper to mid registers. The bass end is not as tight as the CKM500s I think timbre detail is better and more defined on the CKM500 as a result for me at least, overall enjoyment I still prefer my CKM500 over them but MH1s are very nice sounding iems in their own right. And is probably the kings of value for the cash right now. I don't plan on selling off my CKM500 for the MH1 let me put it that way. I know there are some guys that claim the MH1 is the best sounding iem for them having them sell off all their other more higher end iems but to me they are similar in value and ranking sound wise to the CKM500. FXD70...These 3 iems MSRP wise is very similar too. Just that the MH1s are now being sold in bulk for much cheaper which gives them the edge in value. The cord for the MH1 is truly not good.

Hey I pm'd you a question. You can reply in this thread if it may help anyone else with a similar taste in dilemma. Thanks again.

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So what are everyone's thoughts on these stacked up against the FXT 60/70/80 ?

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hello guys

i found my stock tips uncomfortable. i'm using sony hybrib tips. but still a lillte not comfort. should i but comply foam or meelec tips as you appreciate pages before ? if i want to buy comply foam. is that any kind of comply foam able to use with CKM500.? i don't know anything about this.

thanks very much

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Cab someone 'splain me why they discontinued the CKM99? Is there a good reason for that?

The only other IEM I use besides my Westone 4 anymore. They are my "fun" IEM.
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Because of these.



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^ in a brief nutshell, what's the punchline? Better, worse, or just different? Tks DS.
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Ya these retail for $500. Thats the difference..I read a few reviews on the CKM1000 and Danny Bai used to own them. They sound like a newer better version of the CKM99 is the word..


Since AT just released the new CKS99 and CKS1000. We should see some new CKM earphones in the CKM700 and CKM900 very soon..

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Yikes. Pricey.

Gotcha. Tks for the summary.
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Hey Ds, I've just got the TT Isurus...would the CKM 500's be a nice step up?! Also I'm seeing these on Ebay for about $60 including shipping?! Does that sound right to you?! happy_face1.gif

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Yes and Yes. Try one out. Especially for guys that own the Isurus. Imagine a much more refined isurus. Gotta try one a nice upgrade for you.

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Dude!! bigsmile_face.gif The Isurus I love but hell I'll give the CKM 500's, 'Add to Cart'!!! Let you know how I go!! L3000.gif

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Any comparison to the Soundmagic E10? Which is better value?

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Ok, order a set of lovely white ones!! tongue_smile.gif Thanks to Davey for the offer but got them off Ebay prior to your PM. Just to recap, what tips are people using with their CKM 500's?! blink.gif Just looking at some comply 400 or 500's not sure which one will fit?!

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Comply 400s will fit the CKM500.  If you are planning on buying them directly from Comply, they have a 25% discount that lasts through Cyber Monday (coupon code is "stuffed").


I've seen people recommending Auveo and Meelec tips.  Personally I am using the wide bore tips from the FX101.

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Thanks Wski, I'll check the comply's out!! bigsmile_face.gif

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