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The HD600 vs. V6 test only included classical and some jazz. If you asked me, these 2 kinds of music are the worst for V6 (jazz to some less extent than classical). The V6s indeed have very poor instrument separation, and a harsh midrange. But the V6s shine in "vertical" separation, i.e., with full frequency range sound. I don't have the HD600, but I bet that with DVD movies and techno/electronica, the difference in sound quality between the 2 would be much closer.

I agree the V6s are overrated in terms of sound quality. I also believe they are worth every penny of the current selling price of $55 or so.

Some say the KSC-35s are better (although there has recently been a poll and the V6s came ahead). The Porta Pro family is a very decent, cheap, general use, family of headphones. They don't shine with any music, and they suck as bad with classical music as the V6s.
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Excuse me. Please let me know a closed can at the V6's price point that is better. How can they be "overrated" unless there are better cans for the price. Please don't tell me the KSC-35's because they are not closed. I own both of these cans and they are both very good for the price. Are they both superb on all kinds of music. Uh .. NO ... that is why I own more than one set of cans and am still acquiring new ones.

Are they analytical in their presentation (compared to the Senn). Yes. Do they show up weaknesses in the musical reproduction chain. Yes. Do they suck? No. But then again I have never claimed that V-600's or their ilk sound good either. (Yo Mike Walker wake up).

Personally I like the v6's as portable phones for travelling because they are low impedance, fold up nicely and are built very well. I also like them when I am trying to compare CD's, equipment, etc. Why is that you say. Not because they are the most neutral headphone I have heard but because their sonic signature is very easy to learn and it is very stable across equipment, especially amplification. Other phones, esp. Senns, change their overall sonic character depending on the power they are given. This is not a bad thing, but it limits their use for comparison of equipment. I do like the Senn's for Jazz and some classical (not all) and that is why they are my next headphone purchase.
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Well, I'm NOT saying that the MDR-V6's are the best at any price. In fact, I'm not saying that the V6's are the best closed headphones under $100, either. But the point that I'm trying to get across is that I can buy worse-sounding closed headphones for a lot more money (e.g. AKG K270S, Sony V700DJ/V900 - none of those three have much bass response below 40 or 50 Hz, and their upper mids are recessed and honky). But from what I've been hearing recently (the newer shipping revisions of) the Sennheiser HD 280 PRO's ($99 at Headroom) may actually TROUNCE those V6's.

In fact, Sony headphones as a whole truly SUCK for classical and jazz.
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I find that a lot of you guys are overprotective of the reputation of your equipment. Forget about it! You like it, then great! Not everyone else will! We all have our own tastes, some might have better sense of what their tastes are, but it is fact that taste comes in very different ways.
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Originally posted by Audio&Me
I agree with ai0tron,

I was at a local music hardware store and they had a pair of Sony MDR-7506 headphones hooked up to some amp in the instrument demo room. I tried them on, omg, they sounded horrible! This was the reason I didn't like monitor headphones in the first place. Maybe I am spoiled by my Sennheisers, but they sounded similar to the V600 except with increased aspects(more bass, louder midrange, brighter highs).

They might do noubt be a good deal for some, but the sound is not tolerable for me.
Well, the only time I've heard the HD 600 was with a mid-fi source. And I wasn't particularly impressed with them (I liked far cheaper headphones more than the HD600's) - but that may be because even mid-fi components tended to come with relatively crappy headphone output jacks. I definitely needed an astronomically EXPENSIVE source (one that costs WAY more than my total gross worth - j/k) just to enjoy those HD600's.
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Originally posted by morphsci
Excuse me.
You're excused.
Please let me know a closed can at the V6's price point that is better.
Compared to the Orpheus, the V6 is at the same price point as the Senn 600's.

Okay, I'm just kidding around, please don't seriously respond to that. I just like ragging on the V6's. In the same way that all youse guys like to glorify it. It's just a bit much. I'm not saying it's not the best at its price point. It probably is (I haven't heard them all, so I don't know).

I only paid US$120 for my DT770 Pro's. So if you say in the less than US$150 class, my Beyer's wipe them.

I agree that its "sonic signature is very easy to learn". Doesn't make it enjoyable to listen to.
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Originally posted by DarkAngel
Headphones: HD600 /w stock cables, Sony MDR-V6
Source: Technics SL-PD627 5-CD changer
Amp: Corda HA-1
Interconnects: Radio Shack cheapies
Please contact Headroom and kill two birds with one stone, you are only hearing part of what Senn HD600 is capable of. Get the Clou red/blue cable for Senn 600 which transforms the sound, also toss the RS Cheapie ICs and get the DiMarzio ICs from Headroom which is very good performer for $90 and will embarass the RS cheapies. Be sure and get good AC cord (not industrial supply house stuff mentioned here by others) best performance for the cost is Absolute AC cord for $49:

Do the above and use the 0 ohm output from Corda you will be surprised how much better it can sound..........now if you have another $1,000+ we can upgrade your CD source
DA, which made the most improvement or change in sound in your estimation, the Clous, "Absolute AC Cord", or the upgrade of Homegrown Audio SS to Laces?
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I don't get it. You people are talking about $99 and $120 headphones (not to mention the $250 Senns) that "trounce" the $55 Sony V6's. It just isn't a level playing field.
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Originally posted by RMSzero
I don't get it. You people are talking about $99 and $120 headphones (not to mention the $250 Senns) that "trounce" the $55 Sony V6's. It just isn't a level playing field.
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Originally posted by RMSzero
I don't get it. You people are talking about $99 and $120 headphones (not to mention the $250 Senns) that "trounce" the $55 Sony V6's. It just isn't a level playing field.
Exactly, i'll say it one more time: tell me one closed can that runs for $55-$60 that outperforms the V6's? What? What?! Can't think of one eh? I thought so! How can anyone compare closed cans to open? I own the Grado Sr80's, and yes they do sound great, but their open cans!

How can you listen to the V6's or 7506's in a store and decide they sound like "feces?" You all know that it takes time to break in a pair of cans. It took me 2-3 weeks to really start enjoying my 7506's. 'Nuff said.

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Well, I still really like the V6s for their sound at their price point, and I do not think they're over-rated, not by a long shot. Keep in mind they will tend to emphasize any problems in the upstream equipment. I wouldn't recommend them w/ a somewhat bright cdp, for example, but combine it w/ a warmish cdp, like one of the new Panasonic pcdps, and the warmth comes through. Their analytical sound isn't for everybody, but neither is the Denon 950s sound, for example. I'm honestly having a very difficult time coming up w/ a scenario where I'd recommend the 950s over the Koss KSC-35s, while the same does not hold true when comparing V6s and KSC-35s.
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Eagle, I think it's quite possible to dislike the V6 and still love Grados. They have completely different sonic signatures. The V6 are dry and analytical, while the Grados are bright and punchy (the PS line, that is). I would never consider them to be similar.
Agreed, MacDEF. I used to have Grado SR-80s, and they absolutely destroyed the V6 for sound quality.
The Clou is a mandatory upgrade.
People keep saying this. There's no such thing as a "mandatory" upgrade -- especially, if like me, you think the HD580/600s sound wonderful already. I could understand the desire to upgrade the cable if I was disappointed somehow in the sound I was getting from the headphones. But since I'm already very happy with what I'm hearing, I have no real desire to replace the cable -- especially when the chief benefit (according to the manufacturer) is better shielding against RFI. If I'm already not picking up any RFI, I see little reason to spend money on shielding. That's not to say that other benefits might not exist; I just have little reason to worry about them when I'm already happy with the HD580's sound.
BTW, props up to ai0tron for making it okay to say that the Sony's are overrated.
Where the heck were you guys when I was saying exactly this numerous times both on headwize and here? I've been saying the V6 are overrated since I first compared them to the Koss KSC-35s, but rarely, if ever, got any support for my contrary point of view.
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I actually like my V6/7506's very much. My Sennheiser HD-600's (and now my Etymotic ER-4S's) are my favorite 'phones, but the V6/7506's can often still be found on my head.
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Comparing a mass market "studio" headphone, Sony MDR-V6/7506 to a high end masterpiece, Sennheiser HD 600 doesn't make sense. Just don't do it! The 7506 didn't sound appealing to my ears, but I don't think that they "suck". I heard everything I was supposed to and the bass was DeeP, but lacked detail - would make perfect sense for a music producer. These fit their market superbly. For enjoyment of listening, well I just wouldn't consider these for that.

So this review is bizarre!
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Yes this whole discussion is ridiculous, and some people are totally missing the point. Oh yeah, by the way, my R10s completely annihilate the V6s. And so do my HP-1s. And Grado 325s. So there. And it doesn't matter that the other headphones all cost 5-20x more. Better is better, so the V6s, at $55, is utterly pathetically worthless, and has no standing in the market.
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