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So I finally started playing Metroid Prime on the Wii [I've beaten it SO many times on the Game Cube] and thankfully I'm more dextourous with the wii mote so my aim is better BUT what's really cool is the GECKO OSX home brew for the wii, that let me add some hacks and use MOON Jump


So basically I fly around the beautiful Maps of the game taking most epic screen shoots... sadly though I'm not able to get them off my wii and onto my pc BUT this thread is dedicated to those out of map views that only hackers and glitchers get to see! And to start I have some pics from a great Shooter I used to play that was full of Glitch Holes in every map great for exploring and getting some awesome shots. So share your awesome in game screen shots and please only show those you've taken while exploring outside of a dsignated map area!



Exteel ^


So feel free to share your hacked glitched or Trick screen shots! And remember the harder it was to get to the better :3