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You know I hear BLACK spray paint of the high temp variety has an emissivity around .90 and the thermal characteristics aren't too bad. It's not like you wouldn't offer a black coating right? :p



You know if we spray painted it black, we'd never hear the end of the requests for black. Plus:



Black 0.82
Black (2nd Sample) 0.86
Clear 0.76
Clear (2nd Sample) 0.84


And clear is so much prettier. 


Wait, did I say that? No. It was Rina. Had to be. Yep. Otherwise, the man card is definitely revoked.


(To everyone who isn't an ME, sorry for the dorkitude (dorkulization?)) Anyway, back to the regularly scheduled programming...


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Thanks Jude, Val, Alex, and everybody else who helped organize the event and donated prizes for the raffle.  This was the first time I won a raffle at one of these things so that was pretty cool. :)  


I had a lot of fun at this meet and there were more people there than I expected.  Val, your place is awesome.  Some brief impressions:


Donald North: always like his setup.  I think his new amp will be a hit, really enjoyed the K240DFs in his rig.


mrspeakers: nice mods to the T50rp. :)  I enjoyed talking to you about measurements and your headphones.


LFF Paradox: still my favorite ortho headphone - nice neutral, open sound.


The PortaPro sounded quite nice, nothing there was really offensive.


I didn't really care for the Fostex 900 headphone.  It sounded really bassy and the mids were really recessed sounding which is probably my least favorite quality for a HP to have.  It did sound pretty fast with very little grain and looked nice though.  I think this headphone could sound pretty awesome with some EQ.


DIYT2/O2mk2.5 - I really wanted to see if I could hear a difference between this and my O2 mk1 but they didn't block out much sound and the meet was pretty noisy at the time.  I hope you guys were able to hear the Orpheus at all since it blocks out even less sound than the Stax.  


Everybody who went and had fun should definitely check out the upcoming LA meet on August 18th!  There will be multiple smaller rooms so noise levels will be lower which should help out a lot for doing critical listening on open headphones.  I'll be bringing way more stuff to that meet, I wanted to keep it simple this time.


It was fun seeing all you guys, hope to see you again!

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Really enjoyed the meet.  Drove up from San Diego and brought the leather headphones (L3000) / iMac setup.  Just moved down from Seattle, so this was my first So Cal meet.


Anyway, my favorite setup was the LCD-3 hooked to the ALO that had what I called a snake cable hooked to it.  Think the amp was a prototype.  But that setup just sounded perfect and had a lot great music to test with.  Loved the Stax setup as well but didn't hear with familiar music, so hard to judge.  The Orpheus also sounded great with the classical music that was playing but hard to really enjoy in that noisy environment.  For portable, I liked the V-Moda white headphone.  Kind of reminded me of the Grado sound.  Didn't care for the other models that much, too much bass for my taste.


Only downside of the meet was seeing my headphones fly across the room.  Not really sure what happened there.  Luckily I can't see anything wrong with them.  Think the headphone stand took the impact first.  But does make nervous about leaving my stuff unattended. 


Hope everyone had fun at the after party, I had to take off early.

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Thanks Jude, Val, Alex, and everybody else who helped organize the event and donated prizes for the raffle even though I didn't win anything.....


It was great seeing old friends.....

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You know if we spray painted it black, we'd never hear the end of the requests for black. Plus:


That would be awesome!!! So you guys offering that as a choice? So you wouldn't mind if I started a petition for black anodizing? Imagining a black Lyr, black Gungnir, etc. Nice...

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Big thanks to all the organizers and to all those headfiers and vendors that brought the gear to check out.  The Village was a really interesting and historic place to have a meet.  In four hours I unfortunately didn't get to listen to everything that was there but for the ones I did listen to I was impressed. 


Finally heard the Audeze LCD-3 (I think it was connected to a Red Wine Audio Amp and later heard it on the DNA Stratus) and I can see why this has become a new high end standard for a lot of people.  Laid back but with a full rich sound.  The balanced ALO Rx Mk 3 - Solo - HD800 (w/ALO snake cable) was an amazing desktop and semi-portable combo.  Looking forward to the release of the V-Moda M-100 headphones for heavy duty portable use with the big yet controlled bass and MIL-STD build quality. The Donald North Audio Stratus sounded great with all five headphones I tried it with from the D7000's to the LCD-3's.  The Stax setup was smooooooth but I missed the Orpheus (damn).  MrSpeakers modded T50rp Orthos were winners also.


Finally got to meet our founder and resident audiophile celebrity Jude who flew in from the midlands.  Thanks again Jude for founding this great community.  Can't wait to see all the pictures you were taking.  Met some cool dudes at the fortress after party where Val was rocking the house up in the nether regions of the Hollywood Hills!  A big thanks to him for hosting the party in his AMAZING residence and for all the tasty treats/drinks.   The house is truly stunning and I'm personally glad I was able to make it down the hill in one piece with the heavy fog that rolled in.

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Oh ya, can the person who I was talking to about CNCs PM me?  I can't remember your username :(

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I really enjoyed hearing the variety of high-end tube gear that was on hand and it was interesting to see and hear the pretty big differences in SQ as one moves between designs.  Alas, I'm now feeling dangerously close to investing in yet more equipment. 


I missed a couple of stations that I wanted to hear, unfortunately, so we'll have to do this again!

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Had an awesome time! Thanks to all our vendors and sponsors. Jason, thanks for bringing out the 'hot schiit'! It's still rough, but shows real promise.

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Thanks everyone for putting together the meet and to Val for hosting the after-party.  Some impressions I came away with:

- I liked Jude's Fostex phones from the Schiit tube amp. Sounded really good.

- Enjoyed the L3000.  That was a phone I think I hadn't thought much of in the past, but it caught my attention this time.

- Got to try my JH13's from a Triad L3, which I was very excited to see at the meet.  The Triad L3 sounded really good.  If I hadn't just bought my Continental v2 (which I love), I would have had quite a decision to make. 

- I was blown away by how good the HD800 sounded from ALO's Rx Mk3.  This was my first time listening to the HD800, and I dug it.  But I heard it from other setups (including full-sized amps) where I didn't think it sounded as good.  If you had done one of those Bose-try-to-fool-you-demos where they pretended the HD800 was being driven by a gigantic desktop amp I would have believed it.  Of all the things I heard, that was the one where I kept wanting to play more music because I was enjoying the sound so much.

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PEOPLE - It is so amazing to get to know everybody in person, I learn so much every time... when I design products, I truly remember EVERY word that everybody has said.


AUDIOPHILE HONESTY - I appreciate the HONEST feedback, like the "Trumpets don't sound optimal" on a prototype... TRUE FEEDBACK means more to me than the praise, I salute the critical ones because that is what drives me to make better products.


VARIETY OF PREFERENCES, AGE?! - More than ever after attending so many audiophile events lately, I was SHOCKED at the huge disparity in sound preferences at this meet in particular.


V-MODA FORTRESS PARTY - What a great time, I am glad you could see how we authentically tune and test our products in our DJ booth and critical listening room. Also, you had a glimpse of our design and materials inspiration.


MUSIC - We had a lot of fun DJing. I also showed the DJ software I use, Serato/Traktor and the waveforms/mastering it shows of the songs as I play.


PICS - The pics on Jude's camera are OUT OF THIS WORLD.  Look out!


PROPS - Major props to the V-MODA Employees, Audeze and Jude and ALL the head-fiers...  Thanks and I can't wait to do this again!





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Awesome event! A BIG THANK YOU to: Alex and Co. for all the work to get that going, to the Village and Jeff Greenberg who was just so kind to everyone, to Val Kolton and V-Moda for his generosity in having all us all over to his place after the show. I hope we can do that one again next year!


Ken @


Here are a few of my super yellow pics.






See you all in Tokyo next! :-)




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I would like to thank Audeze and V-Moda (and whoever else) for hosting this event. The venue was really nice. I took some time walking around the place, looking at plaques on the wall and seeing what artists had recorded there. Surprise raffle too with some very good prizes.


@Jude: Nice to see you again. Those Fostex you brought were awesome, like a D7000 fixed of its shortcomings


Also thanks to Jason / Schiit for bringing his beta/prototypes over to my table at the end of the meet. He had to be a brave guy knowing what he was up against. Both Anax and I are actually in the market for a sub 1K USD, and the Gungnir could be it. We are eager to hear the production version after final voicing.



Not a problem - simple fix. I usually bring tools and backup gear to these events. Something almost always happens.


What has Jude done to his set of Fostex?....modded T50RP's?? Curious as to how the head honcho decided to tweak his orthos...

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It's a stock pair of the new Fostex TH900's.  ~2K.

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Originally Posted by Radio_head View Post

It's a stock pair of the new Fostex TH900's.  ~2K.


Ah, thanks. No orthos then I suppose.....  ;0) 

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