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For Sale: [SOLD] Shure SRH-940 (Rope Modded)

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For Sale:
[SOLD] Shure SRH-940 (Rope Modded)

Will Ship To: Continental US

The Shure SRH-940


So it's finally time to sell my Shure SRH 940's in order to fund some other projects of mine (magnums anyone?).


Regulars on this site probably know everything there is to know about the fit, finish, and sound of these guys...but I'll offer my own take for those who are curious (based on my limited headphone listening experience). 




The 940's are a detail can for sure. They were far more detailed than my Sr-225's and ATH-AD700's, but bass presence was lower than both of those headphones as well. Bass wasn't anemic per se -- it was tight and very well defined, and to my ears, of adequate quantity -- but others have commented that they would like more. So these definitely aren't basshead cans. As such, they fit best with jazz, indie rock, any music with prevalent acoustic guitars, and female vocals among other genres.


Something to note about these particular cans is the rope mod (visible in the pics). I heard that this mod, which increases the distance between the drivers and the ear, affects the sound by increasing low end response without sacrificing too much detail. That claim, from what I heard seems to be right. You can try this for yourself, but if you dislike the sound, the mod is easily reversible -- just remove the rope from the earpads (it isn't held in place by anything other than friction.


Otherwise, I would say that the mod also makes the headphones much more comfortable since the insides of the pads no longer touch your ears. 


More information about the mod here:


What do I get?


The package comes with everything that was in the original box besides the box itself and the instruction manual (which I think I may be able to fish out upon request). Otherwise you get:


-SRH940 headphones

-coiled cable

-straight cable

-1/4" adapter

-1 set of replacement pads (in addition to those on the headphones)

-the hardshell carrying case


These headphones have around 100 hours on them, but they are in excellent condition. The only scratches present are miniscule and only one set of earpads has been used (the spares are still new).


Things to note:

Price includes paypal fees and shipping costs to anywhere in the Continental United states.

I take paypal only.

EDIT: Sorry guys, but I'm not looking to trade, just to sell. Thanks.


Thanks for checking these out! 

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