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Cable problem

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For the second time in less than one year my cable (for SA1) is broken. I'm wondering if for this time Sleek can replace it for free, because they are a little expensive and not so durable (but the earphones are, really !)



Thank you for your support.


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These are the best price I've found on line http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/607987-REG/Sleek_Audio_Replacement_Cable_for_SA6.html, not sure if the angled connector would work on the SA1's or not, might be awkward, since the wireless setup works with both models I'm assuming the plug is the same, just SA1 is strait, and the SA6 is has a 90 degree bend. I'm on my 2n'd set ATM, I have another set on standby, its to bad too, the wire gets a bit frayed just outside the strain relief, if it was just a bit longer and better attached it would last a lot longer, Sleek should offer all owners a one time replacement of an improved design. After all, once a new cable is designed, all future products could include the improved cable, would go a long way for customer relations and PR.

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are sleek audio active in this forum? they promised a new cable design for years now and i'm pretty upset that i have to buy a replacement cable every 3 to 4 months now because one channel decided to stop working... they also promised a cable with an inline mic for iphone usage... 

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