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Anyone have any experience with JVC pcdps?

I'm interested in something equivalent to the Panasonic 580 but just curious about what else is available.

One other question. Does the Shockwave 890 have a line out?
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the 890 appears to be an exact replica of the 860/870. so yes it will have a line out.
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I've asked this question MANY times. No one seems to know. I DO have an old p81 JVC pcdp though. . .
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Some JVC players look too much like Panasonic's, specially the old ones, even down to the remote controls and other things, sometimes just changind button layout and materials, like plastic instead of aluminium lids. Case in point, the JVC XL-PG7, an almost exact duplicate of my Panasonic SL-SX500, except for the said buttons.

I think both companies use the same basic chassis (check the positions of the hold and play mode buttos and the headphones jack, not to mention the outside battery box). But I can't tell if they use the same electronics.
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