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The FOTM is over for it, anyways. 


Well there's ya problem.

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Well there's ya problem.


Well, I do find them kinda overrated, they lack refinement and smoothness, making it sound quite rough. 

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ya i think  Monster Turbine is My choice , more than 7 person like this !

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I had a Monster Turbine a while back (100% original btw), which the metal shell dislodge after a while and had to glue it back, and the connector jack doesn't inspire durability either, sold it after a month. But in the end its your choice, just sharing my experience ;)

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ahh... another thread involving beats...

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Scrap beats quickly as well as the bose! I might also say that they are all fake prone. You might want to state what your preference in sound is and also a price so we can properly help you!

I would not rush to any of these three!

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I think its pretty safe to say that in the price range of the phones you listed as examples, most of the regulars here would suggest a lot of other options before those three.  As someone else said, you should post your listening preferences and price range, and I'm confident a better choice than the monsters can be given to you.

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