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For Sale: [*SOLD*] Audio-Technica CK10

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
[*SOLD*] Audio-Technica CK10

Will Ship To: CONUS

Well, I've caught the upgrade bug, and I just can't resist buying a pair of Ultrasone Signature Pros any longer. But, I need to sell one of my two CK10s first to fund my purchase (I just bought a second pair as a backup... I know, I know... this is what I get for browsing the forums daily...).


Up for sale are my beloved first pair of CK10s. If you take a look at Joker's monstrous IEM comparison thread, the CK10s score very highly with him, so rest assured that they sound very good (definitely my favorite out of all the IEMS & full-sized phones I've tried so far).


They have about 3-4 months of use. Besides a minor nick near the 3.5mm plug (see pictures), they are in excellent condition, both functionally and cosmetically. Will come in original packaging with original accessories and documentation.


I'd also like to point out that if you want to buy a new pair of CK10s nowadays you almost certainly have to buy internationally (no more U.S. dealers as far as I can tell), and doing so carries along the risk of having U.S. Customs charge you extra fees or worse yet, seize your package.


If you'd like to avoid that headache and instead buy my used pair of CK10s, I'm asking $SOLD shipped anywhere in the CONUS!


Accepting payment via Paypal only.


Thanks for looking!

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For Sale: $225 (USD)
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Listing reopened!

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PMed with offer

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Still available!

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Originally Posted by EZPZ View Post

Still available!

Can you adjust the price?
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Price lowered from $270 to $260!

Now down to $250.

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Interesting check, but the price is still considered high. I just got a ck100 for 199 few days ago.smily_headphones1.gif
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That is a very nice price you got your CK100 for!


However, I think my price is quite reasonable. redface.gif And if it doesn't sell, I'll just continue to lower the price until it gets snatched up. tongue.gif

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