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For Sale: FS: Hifiman 801

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
FS: Hifiman 801

Will Ship To: Anywhere

A Pre-owned 801 for sale ...


I have two of them - I bought another one here as it was rockboxed ... in any case I have no use for two of them hence this one is for sale. Can be picked up from 11375 ... comes with box etc. In physically good condition.





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Fair amount of interest ...

I am dropping price to $475 for the benefit of all ...


Yes I can do International shipping ... shipping will be actual cost ... I think it will be ~$35 - if it is more I will absorb the cost - just to be fair ... for the international buyer.


I much prefer local pick up - from 11375 

Next in order would be shipping within US

Then international shipping ...


Paypal and shipping are extra ...





PS: Yes I have to take pictures - but it comes in original box with power supply, cable and an extra card ...

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This unit was rock-boxed and the OS has crashed ... it is in debug mode and I cannot recognize it via usb ...


So I cannot sell the unit until I am able to update the software driver ...

Nothing wrong with the hardware ...

So I putting this sale on hold.



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Good afternoon,can send HIFIMAN-801 in Russia when finished with firmware.EMS dispatch payment through PayPal.

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I have  got quite a few PMs about the unit ...

No, I have not had a chance to fix the unit - apparently one has to short two pins at the USB wire end ...


I am travelling now and won't be able to get to it until next week ...


I prefer US sale - why - I would not have to spend an hour in the post office to mail the package ... and also it is hard to predict the shipping 

So please PM me your location as well.



I am sorry folks

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I am sorry I have not checked head-fi for a couple of weeks


I will give a $25 discount if you willing to buy it as is as update the firmware yourself ... so price for as is = $450 + shipping


I just am not motivated to short two pin wires on USB - to reset it ...




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Hey, have you sold that HM-801 with the goofed up firmware yet? If not would you take $435 including shipping over paypal?

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In the middle of moving right now - things are packed up. Can you please get in touch in another 3 weeks.


Ps: no its not sold yet
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