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For Sale: Meier Corda Concerto (Black)

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For Sale:
Meier Corda Concerto (Black)

Will Ship To: CONUS

Just bought this a week ago from a forum member , to try with my Bifrost and LCD-2 .  Sad to say they didn't pair well enough for me OR maybe I really just prefer the tube amp sound smily_headphones1.gif  so this has to go.


Here's what 6moons said about the Concerto.



Jan Meier's Corda Concerto amplifier is purely dedicated to headphones and one source. It won't double as preamp. It offers nearly extreme resolution thanks to truly massaged noise floor performance. It's on the incisive, energetic and illuminated side of the Tao and as such, not a top choice for bright, forward and potentially steely loads. Drive and gain seem commensurate with anything consumer hifi might throw at it. Quite unlike the vast majority of headphone amps, the Concerto was tweaked to accommodate all sizes. It does standard efficiency 2-inch plus drivers on the ear and ultra-sensitive tiny units in the ear canal. The volume control range and its small steps plus two cleverly chosen gain settings are commensurate with either. In a full-size rather than portable design, that's what sets the Concerto apart. It's the perfect anything-goes dedicated headphone amplifier.


I'll take PayPal to confirmed ship to addresses


Thanks for looking

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