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For Sale: AKG K-271S Closed Headphones

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For Sale:
AKG K-271S Closed Headphones

Will Ship To: United States

I'm doing a little clean up around here, and offer for sale my AKG K-271S closed headphones.


They are in good condition, and show little wear on the cord or ear pads.  Includes the standard-to-mini adapter and original packaging.  I've always liked them but I'm up to my hips in headphones I don't use any more so these have to go to a home where it will see some actual use.


I will take $65.00 plus actual cost of your prefered method of shipping. I'll take PayPal to confirmed ship to addresses or a USPS Postal Money Order.

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Interested in these, how do these
compare to the grado sr60s I am looking for a closed ear set to replace my sr60s.. Thanks
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Hey elrod i used up my messages man, feel free to send me an email at and we can square this away!

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