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Wanted: WTB: Grado HP1000 (mint only)

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WTB: Grado HP1000 (mint only)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Im looking to expand my collection with another Grado HP1000 headphone.

ideally a mint hp1 with intact writing and original box. Im also interested in mint hp2 or hp3, so if you have those with preferably box also, let me know.

Im in the united kingdom and will pay for fedex priority shipping with tracking and any fees. Ive a registered business account in paypal and 100% feedback via long standing account on ebay.

If anyone is interested drop me a message and we can go over the details. These are not being bought for resale. Ive a 20 year collection which i treasure and use on a regular basis.
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a few pending discussions. If anyone else is interested please let me know.

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bought one, any other mint condition Hp1/HP2/HP3 with box, drop me a PM.

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Looking for one more mint hp1. Preferably with box.

If you are interested in selling drop me a pm.
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Thanks. I am sure ive seen this guy elsewhere however. hard to tell anything by those pictures.

i think ive landed another anyway.



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If you have a mint hp1000 drop me a pm please to discuss . Thanks.
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