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I found that top 100 tracks and 100 releases section for the trance genre on beatport is a good chart for the latest popular uplifting, melodic trance. Price is expensive though IMO. I found most of the tracks on top 100 tracks chart were very good, mixed with vocal trance, remixes, and melodic/uplifting trance. The best part is that it plays the highlight of the tracks like a preview, so you don't have to listen through non-melodic intro or skip into it yourself.

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Some uplifting Trance

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Enjoy.... wink.gif
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Here a very nice prog remix of ATB's Ecstasy: https://soundcloud.com/mortengranau/atb-ecstasy-morten-granau-remix

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amazing trance track that lifts you such a great track!

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Hey guys!


I've been completely absent from HF for a while now due to chronic migraines which are still being extremely problematic and has lead me to stop using headphones/IEMs. However, I still manage to listen to a few tracks here and there using my speakers. So I wanted to share amazing set by the Thrillseakers.




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