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Help Me Out Please!

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I am looking for high grade IEM's with a price limit of 120$. I will be using these IEM's to listen to mostly rock (Rise Against, Linkin Park, etc.) but I also enjoy Eminem and other hip hop artists as well so bass cant be completely thrown out the window as an option. However rock music is the main priority, with awesome high ends, and mids. I will be using these headphones with an iPhone 4S, so iPhone compatibility would be a nice feature.


I have looked over the Shure SE215's and they look promising, however not getting the flat wire bothers me. The 215's SQ sounds awesome, and I love the detachable cord feature. However their new style of fit, and once again not having the flat wire bothers me.


I have also looked over the Klipsch S4i, and I cant get an idea about if the S4i has better SQ than the 215's. Ive read that the S4i's have incredible SQ for their price, but then I have also read that the bass, and highs can get messed up sometimes. The Klipsch S4i's are definitely a serious option in my head, and so are the Shure SE215's.


And ive always known about the Monster Beats by Dre. I was leaning towards the Dr. Dre Tour Beats but they are a little to pricey, and their SQ got worse reviews than the Shure's, and the S4i's. I think any Beats by Dre are out of the question because Ive heard to many stories of them being not very durable, and their bass is way to overpowered compared to what I mostly care about.


Other Monster products intrigue me though, like the Monster Jamz, and the Monster Turbine. I might be able to extend my price range if someone convinces me that the Monster Turbines are really worth it. But from what Ive heard, based on SQ, their not worth it to go over my price range. The Monster Jams seem to have awesome durability which also really intrigues me because Ive had bad experiences with headphones breaking way to fast.


Ive also heard about the new Monster NCredible NErgy headphones that have all the features I could possibly want, but theyve been made by an artist I dont particularly enjoy, and I havent been able to find any reviews so I cant judge their SQ very much. However their magnet feature, and the other features make me really intrigued by them.


So those are the IEM's Ive looked over so far. Please give me some suggestions! The one feature I really like is the flat wires, and the L-Jack. But their not necessary if another model has clear superior SQ.


Please help me out, and give suggestions on my problem! Theyre all so evenly matched in my head!



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I don't think the S4's are much good. They better than average, like something you recommend for someone coming from iBuds. They're not exactly bad, but at that price there's much better. They don't have very good treble, which kind of ruins aspects of Rock like cymbals.


Never heard the SE215, but people seem to say they're the Grados of IEMs.

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Really? Thanks for that input I wasn't aware of the bad treble on the S4i's. That's interesting thank you.

I'm now leaning towards the Shure SE215's, the only thing that worries me is that I will be ordering them online, and won't me able to test their unique fit before I purchase them.

Thanks for that opinion LizardKing, that helped:). More input would be awesome, thanks:)

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Ive decided to purchase the Shure SE215's hoping they'll fulfill my needs.
However if anyone can tell me otherwise, that could change my mind I can still change my mind, they're being shipped.

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I preferred the turbines over the SE215s, however. 

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Yeah, I looked at the Monster Turbines but they were a little out of my price range.
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Originally Posted by NickB3232 View Post

Yeah, I looked at the Monster Turbines but they were a little out of my price range.


You can get the Turbines off of Amazon well within your price range.  Make sure you buy them from Amazon and not the Marketplace, though.



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The Turbines do Rock well? I tought they were much more hip-hop and electronic oriented

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Originally Posted by LizardKing1 View Post

The Turbines do Rock well? I tought they were much more hip-hop and electronic oriented


Nope, I would say they are even better in rock than in hip-hop and electronic. 

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didnt try the 215, but i had the Crystal. loved them. and they seem to an alternative to the se215.

the new gr06 could be another option

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I didn't much like the Turbines for rock/metal.  Found the bass drowned the details out.

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Check out the hisound crystal if you like the look of the se215. Its meant to be a overall improvement with the lack of detachable cable. Scrap beats instantly there just a fashion statement. 

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