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Well, now I can say that I'm completely finished with these headphones. Well, until I find another pair of headphones that I like more than these. I redid the whole mod again, and I can say that the electric tape did nothing to the sound. I guess it was a placebo effect when I first did it. I've renamed it to the Pro700MKII Bass Mod instead of the Sound Correction mod because it seems more appropriate for what the "mod" actually does to the headphones. 


I also did some more tests to the headphones: I unscrewed the four screws (leaving the drivers and earpads still connected to the silver ring) and listened to the headphones that way, and there was no change that what it sounds like when the headphone is screwed in. When you block the little holes behind the driver with your finger while listening to it, it sounds boxed in (like you put your hand over open headphones). I tried using an X-Acto knife to remove the white paper that covers the holes on the driver, and I started on doing one of the holes, but stopped because I was afraid I was going to puncture the driver. The drivers were tuned to sound the way they are, I like the sound, and I'm not going to risk screwing up my headphones. Maybe if there is a headphone that can replace these (better at everything), then I'll reconsider, but for now, I'll keep them the way they are. I was thinking about putting some dynamat on the headphones, but now that I really look at how the headphones are constructed, and how the drivers are tuned, there wouldn't be much of a change in sound quality. 

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you know what might be an even better route to go to from the makeshift gel pad/hello kitty combo? xb700 pads!


i know at least one person did this before but i forgot who, i would love to hear a comparison between gels and xb700 pads

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Yeah, I know who you're talking about. He had the special edition pro700mk2 with xb700 pads on. I think he hot glued the pads on there. Just going by the thickness of the pads, both of them should sound pretty similar since the xb pads would lose about half of their thickness by the clamping force and the "over-plushness" they have.


I did the same mod that I did with the pro700mkII to my AD900s (info here). Since the headphones are larger than the gel earpads, I might get the xb1000 pads in the future. They should fit pretty well.


Since I broke my pros (only the right channel works), this thread will see no more updating, but feel free to ask any questions.  

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Hello Trae, I would try the Ultrasone HFI-580's.  That's what I've moved to - and haven't had a phone yet that suits my taste with bass compared to it.

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I moved to the AD900 with AD2000 drivers in it. Check the AD900->AD2000 Driver Transplant Mod page for more info. 

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Trae, I wish I knew half of what you're capable of!  That project is flat-out amazing, man I wish I had those skills eek.gifcool.gif

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If you know how to use a soldering iron, then everything is possible biggrin.gif You just have to think outside the box. Before I destroyed my Pros, I converted them into open-back headphones (cutting out all of the little holes behind the driver, and drilling holes on the headphone cups). The difference was pretty astounding, with there being more bass quantity, a lush midrange, much larger soundstage, and an extended treble, but it was short lived when a little piece of solder burnt a hole through the diaphragm membrane on the left channel. So, I bought the AD900, and tried to turn them into bass monsters. After bending the headband, rigging up the gel earpads, and stuffing cotton underneath, it surpassed my modified open-back pro700mk2 in just about every aspect. I wanted to go further, so I bought a couple of ad2000 drivers. One of the drivers is defective, so i'm waiting for the replacement to come in (for the second time...).


Don't let me get a hold on the HD800s...I have some good stuff planned for that headphone very_evil_smiley.gif 

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hey how did you tape the dt250 pads on the mk2 ? you said you unscrewed the earspeaker but how did u fit the pads over them :D 

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Oooh...it's been a while. I think I unscrewed the baffle, latched the earpads on the plastic lip, put some tape around it and screwed the baffle back onto the headphone frame.

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