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well paired up my 2's along with my new used Pure 2, wow what a match up! wow what a match up! wow what a match up! and I repeat, wow what a match up! iPod>CLAS-R>P2>ZOv1>2's!=audio nirvana!


the Pure 2 is well named, it is exactly that, pure music, this thing fills up an enormous 3D soundstage! as if I was hearing music for the first time, no joke! the ZO only thickens up the notes, I didn't think it needed it at first , but threw it in for giggles, and I was only even more impressed, with what I was hearing! totally balanced, well the mids/vocals stand out slightly more then the extended well balance bass and treble, which is perfect!


I used the Dou from time to time, and thought the P2 wouldn't stand up to it, but it does that and then passes it by, by 10 miles, and the ASg-2's gobble it all up, and produce some of the greatest sound I have ever heard! sorry Im not more analylitical, but I know what I like, and I am liking this set up a whole lota bunches! lol,