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Ads with audio on the Forum

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I was browsing the site today while listening to my own music when suddenly my ears were bombarded by 2 separate audio sources which ended up being 2 simultaneous auto-play video ads on the right hand side of the page.


I know the site has to have a revenue stream but given that pretty much everyone on here is an audio nut, and a large portion I'd imaging will be listening to their own music when they visit, can I suggest that auto-play video ads are taken down?


Personally I think they're annoying and intrusive. I'll happily click text and graphic ads, but when I'm greeted by annoying library rock music I'm much more inclined to log off.

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I couldn't agree more, if these ads continue my time on Head-Fi will be greatly reduced. I can't imagine why anyone thought this was a good idea on this site!

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Do you remember what the ads were for? No ads we run are supposed to auto-play audio, and I ticket for any that do to be removed.


I haven't seen/heard an auto-play ad recently, so, again, if you remember (or have a screenshot) of what it was, I'd appreciate it.

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Hi Jude,  so far these have popped up;


Cotton, T-Mobile (with two ads coming up, both playing). It seems like there was another but I'm not seeing it now. If I do I'll report backsmile.gif


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Stedward's university is one, a spanish kool-aid ad, a spanish blackberry ad, and even a slew of british news?  What's worse is they all just keep cycling through and never end, multiples at a time.


It's unreal.

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We'll take care of it. Thanks, guys, and sorry about this.

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I've been wondering why I've been hearing the T-Mobile tune.

And the last time was only 5 minutes ago.

I use Firefox, I like being able to go Mach 5.

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I just had a problem with this tonight too. It was on Chrome and doesn't seem an issue with Firefox.
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Using Safari here and the T-Mobile ad is still going off (Cotton ad as well), I'm not seeing the others mentioned

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My ears were attacked several times by those ads as well. It would be nice if ad volume is lowered. At the time, i had to leave Headfi to turn off those ads (any other way to turn them off)?

I guess they were from those "AdChoices" that geo-tracked me, because the ads changed according to my Internet browsing on those particular days.

Also browsing Headfi (not with other sites) using iPhone / ios5 / safari / mercury crashed a lot lately.
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I got hit a few times today with Clearasil ads on various pages. The REALLY annoying part is that I mute the ads, and they auto play again on their own shortly after. My time on the site today will be reduced because of this.

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I got hit by Clearasil today as well. All these ads will slow down page loading as well, especially when you are using mobile.

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Came into this forum to post this. I had both Jeep AND Clearasil playing at the same time from one ad =\

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Ugh they're back again.

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Originally Posted by TMRaven View Post

Ugh they're back again.


I know. I submitted another ticket. Again, sorry about this, everyone.

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