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[Open for everyone]


We will be holding a mini-meet on this coming Thursday afternoon (11/04/13 5pm) at UNSW but others are welcomed! There will not be hours for people to trial gears, but would be a great after-work/school session to meet a few friends and demo a little bit.


Just great to know others inside the same hobby!


pm for details!




Couldn't come to this one, let me know next time though.  Any chance to talk headphones without putting them to sleep can't be wasted.

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Originally Posted by sabrehagen View Post

Hi Guys,


Sorry to revive an old thread, but I'm starting an Audiophile Society at UNSW and saw you guys seem to be UNSW students. Would you be interested in joining? I need to get 15 members to get it going.


PM me and we can start getting members, meeting, and getting funding!





I guess I logged back into Head-Fi a little too late...I'm a PhD Student just off campus and would be interested (time permitting). Keep me posted, maybe worth starting a thread for this purpose.

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