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oh woops I was thinking about maybe after 6...


Maybe the Friday afterwards? You know that week is the end of Semester ;)

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Hey guys I'm keen on another local meet smily_headphones1.gif I could bring
hd800+ ALO cable
Shure SE 535 + silver cable + comply tips
Burson HA160DS
ssd iMod + ALO LOD + Pico Amp/DAC
...and heaps of flac 16 bit & 24

Fridays are best for me
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It's only a mini meet u sure u want to travel that far?

More than welcomed to however wink.gif
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Hey guys ive lurked on head fi for about 2 years and never bothered to sign up but i saw that you where around the UNSW area and piked my interest


I have an AKG Q701, ATH -AD700,Goldring DR150 and panasonic HTF-600 i could bring but not much in the way of portatable amps and the like as i use my desktop PC as an amp due to my essence STX sound card.


Some of you guys have some gear that ive read lots of glowing praise on these forums and would love to try out. Have you decided on a date and time?

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This thread was started with a very laid back mini meet initiative. If everyone wants to, we can arbitrarily set a meet on the 19th? Or else some time in November and get maybe a handful more of people coming.


You people know my gear list, a D2000, a HD580, a MS Pro, a SA3000 etc...

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I didn't know UNSW had so many audiophiles. I just accidentally ended up on this thread. If you guys are planning something (after exams obviously) I'd be keen to join in

I got Westone 4R, UM3X i can bring in.

probably also my Violectric V100 amp plus HD 650

Alternatively feel free to stop me and have a chat, I'm the guy with the IEMs in his ears at lunch time. I'm on campus monday-friday

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Lolz I did spot someone wearing a W4 someday at Uni, nearly felt like stopping him, but he looks like an academic/lecturer. That isn't you, right?


Let us have a meet say mid Nov? I finish all 4 exams by 30th...

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LOL not sure what the lecturer look is but yea i work at uni and still studying there, I've only ever seen someone else wearing a Westone 1 IEM.  Actually that's the extent of IEM wearing ppl at uni as far as i know.

I say take your chances and stop the guy wearing the W4

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I'm keen. Are there any more details on this meet?

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When do people finish exams?
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30th; and girlfriend on the 7th.


She's got an AD900 and a FA011 for those who don't know.

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Finished my exams i am generally available most evenimgs except mondays and the 21st November

Good luck to everyone else
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Finished exams already?!

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Yes mradrian i know today is the first day of exams but yea im done
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well come find me at uni I've got MSPro with me, bet you don't

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