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For Sale: Penguin Caffeine Amp

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Penguin Caffeine Amp

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Mint condition Penguin Caffeine Amp! Hate to let this go, but don't use it anymore.


You can't buy this amp anymore as it hasn't been for sale for years.


It beats the pants off a CMOY. Check out the original website for more info.




Comes with DC Adapter/Charger.


$85 shipped CONUS. A little more WW.




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I had one of these, and stupidly sold it last year. Definitely a step above any other Cmoy out there.
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Hehe. Maybe I shouldn't sell it. :P Anyways... still up for grabs. Help me buy a pair of LCD-2s. ;)

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If you can ship to Canada via USPS, consider it sold...

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I'll ship to Canadia, eh!

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I've sent you payment via Paypal. Please ensure you utilize USPS only (no border fee issues unlike those hosers at FedEx and UPS).  Give 'er, eh!

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Payment received! I'll get the amp out to you today via USPS.

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Hi i was wondering if you Penguine caffeine amp is still available? 

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No it's long gone.

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