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I think it would be a good idea to keep the IE800 related talk in one thread. This thread hasn't been updated in a long time.

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Alternatively this thread could be devoted to people complaining that the cable isn't replaceable.  ;-)


j/k. Like he said ^

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westone 4R vs Sennheiser ie 800 anyone?

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i purchased a pair of ie 800 . the sound is so revealing, BUT  i had previously owned  shure 355 with acs custom moulds. and i could not make them stop in my ears ( i lost 1 ear mould which cost me  £40 to replace so when i lost another i sold them) i have  a pair of klipsch 10xi and they are an excellent fit .

the sennheiser  ie 800 took  some fitting correctly, i have had to fit them what i believe is the wrong way, with the cable at about 9 o,clock forward from my ears so what i would like sennheiser to do is fit longer cable to the yoke so that the cable can be run up over the top of the ear then down behind

i have used them with a colorfly and a cowon a3 , and in my cd player ( a modified marantz with 24/96 dac and valve output stage

first impressions is the sound stage which now come from the front of my  head and no between the ears, and i am hearing things that i have not heard before,  the attack,rise sustain, decay is better, which leads to better timing of the music. drawbacks COST   Y cable  to short and auditioning , i went to Audio Affair in birmingham , the guys in there where helpful and there was no problem with an audition 

if you are a real hifi nut (i am) the cost does not matter

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The cable looks very durable. I like the colour too. The housing is like having twin exhaust. Maybe got the turbo engine in it biggrin.gif
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I tested this in a store called Stereo in Singapore. This is probably the best sounding Earphones I ever listened to. The bass and soundstage can match most mid range Audio Technica, AKG & Beyer and this is straight out of my iPhone. The cable has some serious premium quality to it, I wish more manufacturers would do the same with their high end models. But for that kind of price I rather get a Denon 5000 or save a few months salary & get the incredible Beyerdynamic T1 which is jaw-droppingly euphoric. 

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