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dac/amp in the $400-$600

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Im looking for an dac/amp in the $400-$600 area. I mostly listen to Rock music with a little Jazz. My headphones are the Denon D5000 with the Lawton Audio mod.

Im considering the Yulong D100 and the Nuforce Hdp. How do those to compare? Are there any others that are better or that I should consider?

Ive also heard about the Cambridge Audio Dacmagic Plus, does any one know how it compares to either the Yulong or the Nuforce or if its a good dac/amp at all?


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I have read about some noise issues and some other performance issues with the NuForce products so I tend to shy away from them.


Reading the reviews on the Dacmagic Plus I would not hesitate going with it.  It performs really well and many report improvements over the original Dacmagic.  It is probably going to give you the most bang for your hard earned money.

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Thanx, I was wondering how it compared directly to the yulong d100 because they both have excellent Dacs but i wonder how good the amp is in the dacmagic and how it compares to the yulong which is suppose to have a pretty good amp.

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