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The Treo 10: iPod competition?  

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I recently found out that after months and months of waiting, the Treo is finally being sold through a company called e-Digital. It retails for $250 and has a 10gb hard drive. The case is diecast aluminum.

For an idea of how the Treo compares to the iPod, ZDnet UK did a comparison of the features found on both. It's quite obvious that the iPod beats the treo in several respects, particularly battery life, antishock, and download speed. However, the Treo costs $150 less, has twice the hard drive space, and has a line-out so headphone nuts like us can hook it up a headphone amp. More importantly is the fact that the Treo can be used for PC (what's the status on the iPod windows software, anyway? if that's out than this may be a moot point). A few other cool features on the Treo are its 5-band equalizer and supposedly extremely high powered headphone jack (100mW). That could be a falsity, however.

I'm quite intrigued by the Treo, personally. this could be one heck of a portable!
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Call me shallow if you'd like, but I think the Treo 10 looks really ugly. I want a portable that looks good.

I'd consider it if it supports WAV files...
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you kidding? I think it looks great!
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come on! what's with this?
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That's not fitting in any pocket of mine!
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well, you must have some pretty titchy pockets...

so I take it no one is going to say anything intelligent about this portable? if not, I can just close the thread now...
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Quite ugly, just take a look at all those gorgeous MD's from/in Japan, why can't they fashion the finish like one of those?


ps. The Treo reminds me of some 10-12 year old handheld, namely the Gameboy!
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Butt ugly...definitely a case of too little, too late.
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its alright......

comparing it the ipod its ugly but comparing it to the rest its pretty good. they could've rounded the corners more. i like smooth things.

and if im not mistaken wasnt neruda strong supporter of the treo for a loong time? i think hes a little bias.
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Now that I've had a chance to look at it further, it's actually gotten uglier!
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Yep, and it doesn't help that the Treo is one whole year delayed since he started talking about it...I think maybe even more than a year! This reminds me of a certain computer gaming graphics card company that tried to release a product way too late into a field where its competitor already had superior products on the market. Same situation...months before the product came out, they put out tons of hype about it, but it took them forever to get the product out. That company ended up going bankrupt and being aquired by its competitor.

Maybe we'll be seeing Apple distributing the Treo in the future, except with a prettier look?
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huh. this is funny. I thought we were beyond the idea that looks were all that mattered. oh well, I guess we can throw out all our headphones and buy V700J's instead. this is pointless.
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