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I wouldn't be surprised if the final design looked like that... :rolleyes:



Originally Posted by Mimouille View Post

I got a leak from Fang's lab and apparently they will adopt this breakthrough modern design

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they really should hire a new designer and fire their old one...

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Originally Posted by Levanter View Post

they really should hire a new designer and fire their old one...

Haha! At least no one will be tempted to steal it... wink.gif
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Have you guys updated the latest firmware yet? it's now V2.001 which added some nice features (long tag name scrolling display, support for album photos embedded in FLAC/APE/M4A files), and fixed some bugs:


Somehow they indicate it's updated on 2014-9-3, but actually it's just updated a few days back. And they didn't say anything about what's been updated on the above page.


But they did so on their BBS site:


2.增加了FLAC/APE/M4A文件的内嵌图片的支持  - embedded album photo display 
3.恢复了数字芯片滤波功能 - digital filter added in (which wasn't there in firmware v2.0)
6.列表中支持超长文件名滚动显示。 - long tag name scrolling display



I've updated my HM901 w/ the new v2.001 firmware, love the support of embedded album photos. It's pretty stable even on v2.0 so I guess I won't have much problem w/ the updated one. 

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