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Originally Posted by samsung View Post

Where can I get it from

The news was just out:


You can download the beta firmware directly:

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HM901 1.085Beta7/HM802 1.003Beta7 firmware released [2014-03-27]

By HiFiMAN at

Firmware Update Instruction:

1. Please download the new firmware zip file first and then copy it to your SD card (Do not change the name of the firmware file or decompress it). Only the FAT32 SD card can be used.

2. While pressing the HOME button, hold the Power key up until the HM-901 is power on. After the screen is on, release the power key. Then release the HOME button until the hifiman logo disappears. Now the player will be in recovery mode.

3. Wait until the first picture shows on the screen. The system will be updated automatically.

4. After the update is done, power off the player and then reboot it to finish the whole process.

Bug issued:
1. Optimize the response speed of audio process and shorten the time.

2. Improve the SD card responding mechanism and significantly decrease the possibility of player crash caused by SD card hot-swamp.

3. Adjust the update logic and prohibit the user to operate during upgrade to avoid player crash. Add the function to judge the capacity of SD CARD--skip updating if its capacity is not changed, and power on the player faster.

4. Recover the player from being crash as the long playlist (especially All Songs) can take up much storage.

5. Recover the player from being crash when the last song ends under the mode of Repeat All.

6. Recover the player from being crash if the player is switched from the mode of shuffle to repeat under gapless play mode.

7. Issue the bug of channel reverse on special occasions.

8. Adjust the display content and order of some lists.

9. Support wv(WavPack) files.

10. Support Korea in language setting and complete the localization of added strings.

11. Support dock.

12. Add digital digital bypass filter function.*

* HM-901 only


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非常感谢大家对HiFiMAN品牌以及产品一直以来的支持,HM-901 v1.085 beta版固件及HM-802 v1.003 beta版固件已更新。我们将继续不断完善我们的固件,给用户带来更好是用机感受。

HM-901 v1.085 beta版固件下载链接:

HM-802 v1.003 beta版固件下载链接:















1. 拷贝下载的update.zip文件(文件名不能更改,不用解压出来)至SD卡(请使用FAT32格式的SD卡)根目录(卡中存在的其他文件不影响升级操作);

2. 长按home键,向上拨动power键并保持,开机,屏幕亮后松开power键,等hifiman开机logo消失后松开home键,机器将进入recovery功能;

3. 出现首张画面后等待,系统将自动开始升级操作;

4. 升级进度结束后,将机器关机后再次开机升级过程全部完成。
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Originally Posted by samsung View Post

Mine shows red light at the charger, had it for an hour but the unit does not seem charged.

You must have one of those new chargers then. The new one shows red while charging, and turns green when it's done.


It takes quite a long time to fully charge your battery, like 5-6 hours minimal.

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You need at least more than 5 hours of charging and then it will show green. Do not discount when just turn green. Let it charge some more. You can check that when it just turned green, u go and off the power supply without unplugging the charging terminal of the player and charger you will see red again. However once you let it charge maybe 15 min more after the green light just turn on ad you do the same as above you will see after switching off the main supply the light indicator will still be in green that shows that your batt now is fully charged.
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That is
Originally Posted by samsung View Post

OK, the unit is from Jan this year.I will check back in 7 hours. Its hard to stay away so long from such an awesome amp.
that is a new charger I believe.
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Anyone have the HM-901 + IEM Card paired staright from the headphone output to the Shure SE846? I am looking at going this route, as I had issues with both the Fiio X3 (UI problems, won't detect tags from ALAC files, and random freezing) and the iBasso DX50 (random volume spikes and lock-ups). I just wanted to see if anyone else is using this combo. I don't want to use an external amp.





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Anyone else able to download the HM-901 1.085 beta firmware?  It's downloading at like 2KB / second until it eventually just grinds to a halt and fails.

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^^ (Still uploading...please wait....)

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Originally Posted by pekingduck View Post


Link doesn't work. 

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Originally Posted by jamato8 View Post

Link doesn't work. 

Sorry just found out it's still uploading :o  Will let you all know when it's done

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Just updated from the Dropbox that shared pekingduck.
In general a noticeable improvement.
The fade-in seems to have been addressed but I still hear a little crack or pop just before the track starts, it should be plain clean but fairly it's better this than the fade-in thing, hope Fang will work in a workaround to prevent residual noises.
Cue seems works well.
When updating database will displays the files. Also plays the audio from a video in mp4 that I have in the SD card.
Tried briefly the "digital pass filter", it seems to me sound worse but I don't know exactly what it does. Anybody could explain how this feature works and in which situations could be helpful?
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Since this digital filter is only available to HM901 and not HM802 (where both runs on the same hardware besides the DAC section), I'll venture a guess and say the digital filter is referring to the filters built into ES9018, which allows user to set between either a slow or a sharp roll-off.

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With the new 1.085beta, the HM-901 still cuts off the beginning of songs, just not quite as much as before.

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