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For Sale: For parts or repair: Fostex T50RP

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For Sale:
For parts or repair: Fostex T50RP

Will Ship To: Anywhere



Up for sale today is a Fostex T50RP, partially modified and partly working.  The headphone is in great condition except for a dead left driver (just needs to be replaced), and I have been its only owner.  It has been fully rewired with Mogami 2534 + 1/4" plug, dampened with Akasa paxmate and Dynamat Xtreme, also has the reflex dot mod, LFF headband mod (as comfortable as it is dorky-looking, I can remove it at your request), inner sides of the earpads stiffened with plasti-dip, cup vents uncovered, and baffle felt removed (this last tweak I regret, but many like it - I don't have the stock felts anymore).  I was still going to experiment a bit more with different acoustic foams before putting it away until I get around to transplanting the drivers into a different housing.  I don't want to get so much into DIY beyond cables anymore, lol.  I'll include a 14.5x14.5cm sheet of rhnuttall foam for you to do a little experimenting of your own.  =]





  • Fostex T50RP: $OLD shipped via First-class mail w/ tracking to the continental US; international people, add $10.




Feel free to ask me any questions.



Thank you for looking!  n__n

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Could I see some pictures of the insides? Thanks.

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They are new for $74 on B&H.

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Originally Posted by danik97 View Post

They are new for $## on B&H.

Usually, thread-crapping isn't a good practice.  Also, you need to look at the full picture.  These include the Mogami Gold Neglex cable and 1/4" connector as well as the T50RP modifications - Acoustic foam, etc.

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