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HD25-1 ii : E17 or not ?

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Hello !


I just bought an HD25-1 ii for portable use (iphone 4S and Nano) and also to use it with my macbook pro 2010, both with flac files, should i buy an E17 or the quality gain would be too weak to spend more money ?


thanks :)

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For just the HD-25-i-ii I would personally say it's not worth it as it's already pretty easy to drive depending on the source I guess.  But in all likelihood the difference wouldn't be night and day.

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Okay !



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I believe a good amp and dac can go a long way on my hd 25iis. It certainly isn't necessary, they sound decent with out it, but I'm sure it will improve the sound. Whether not it justifies the price of the e17 is up to you. I am personally debating getting an e17 myself.

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I also own the HD25-1 and with an e11 and use it portably. I don't think It improves the SQ very much at all. The main reason I bought it was that I am relatively new to the audiophile scene and wanted to experiment a bit. The only reason I would buy the E17 is for the DAC section to be used on my PC which would have an impact on SQ, but as earlier mentioned, the HD25's are not at all hard to drive. 

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I notice quite a difference using my HD25-II with a JDSLabs C421amp (with OPA2227 opamp) hooked up by LOD to my iPod, vs. running them off the iPod directly.  Yes, the iPod can drive them reasonably well, but they sound a lot better though the amp.  The sound is just bigger, less congested, the instruments separate better, the sound is clearer from bottom to top. 

Your mileage may vary, but I'm not giving up my C421 anytime soon!


EDIT: I've never tried the E17.  I had (still have, but don't use) an iBasso D-Zero and was using it with my iPod (4G Touch) and HD25's before.  It made those headphones a bit too forward (even though I love the forward presentation of the hd25's) and fatiguing.  The C421/2227 pairs really well in my opinion.  It takes a step or two back in terms of forwardness, which reduces fatigue but without sacrificing the liveliness and energy.  If you don't think you need the DAC of the E17, if you're wanting it mostly for portable use with your iPhone/iPod, I'd recommend you check out the C421.  It's a bit more and lacks the DAC, but you can't use the DAC with your iDevices anyway.  And from what I've heard, the MacBooks have decent on-board DAC. 

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My HD-25's benefit from amping, with the E7 there's improvement on sound. If you have more headphones, you can take advantage of the E17..buying it only for the HD-25's is not a good idea imo. 

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