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UK 2012 LONDON --LOCAL MEETS! - Page 4

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I'm in West London (I live in Wembley and work in Hammersmith) and would be interested. I've got some ATH-W5000 phones and am getting a Yamamoto Sound Craft HA-02 this week. I've also got some more modest gear: Klipsch Image One headphones,  Denon CEOL RCD-N7 mini system, iPhone, Dell Precision mobile workstation and a Macbook (2010 or 2011 - I forget which) which I could bring along to any future meet if anyone was interested. I am somewhat transportation limited (I cycle mostly, with public transport at a pinch)

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This may be of interest to NW London people and beyond





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Thanks for the tips biggrin.gif Likely to pay them a visit

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