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I'd be in too, if possible.


Matrix M-Stage + stock K701 only though I'm afraid.

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Hey , my office is in SE1, near Tower and London Bridge, its empty at the weekends and would be perfect, plus a great pub around the corner,

and would be free! - the venue, not the pub,


Sunday would be best


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Originally Posted by KT66 View Post

Hey , my office is in SE1, near Tower and London Bridge, its empty at the weekends and would be perfect, plus a great pub around the corner,

and would be free! - the venue, not the pub,


Sunday would be best


Cool! We've got the place, now we just need a date biggrin.gif

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as I said Sunday would be best and probable only option.


The address is

No 8 - Tyers Gate



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what sort of numbers would you expect?


in the office there are about 20 desks and chairs. Plus floorspace in between.

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I think that would be plenty of space. From the looks how active this thread has been I can't see more than 20 people showing up. Ofcourse it would probably be best to PM everyone who has showed interest in this mini-meet.

I would come for sure biggrin.gif I would bring my PRO900's (XB700 pads), ZO2.3, ATH-CKS77, RedGiant A03 (if I still have them in my possession). Wouldn't mind bringing my LittleDot I+ and E-DAC (ODAC) if only I had the means to set it up. 

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mannnnnnn i forgot about this haha, what date is this happening?

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Hey, I've been pretty out of touch recently.  I'm definitely in for this.  I work right around there as well!


It would also get me some practice movig my tube amp around and give me incentive to get some good music on my girlfriend's laptop (that I'll have to bring with cause I run everything out of my desktop at home).


As long as I know in advance what date people would want to do this I don't think I should have any problems on a Sunday.

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Sundays are good for me.

Would bring the cheapskate options. Superlux hd681 equalized, modded Fostex T50rp, O2+odac.

Would really like to hear an LCD2 or Stax. Mr Speakers T50rp or LFF would be fantastic.
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I may be interested, but - would need to know date in advance (have season ticket for the trains, but - most Sundays some drama or another is happening on the line!)


Just please don't make it September 16th, i'd be in the dog house for an eternity if you did...



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I will be interested in attending too. I am in west london but as my gear is kind of on the heavy side I will probably drive to where ever we agree on. I can bring a cd transport/dac built/moded into a chassis of a sony cdp-x7esd with valve analogue stage and what ever headphones i am listening on at the time.

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Can add 600 ohm DT880 Premium to the mix now. :)

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I might be interested in a London meet depending on date and location (I'm based in Dulwich - South London so anywhere central-South would be fine)


I have quite a bit of gear I could bring although probably wouldn't want to bring all of it (unless I could easily park my car at the venue):


Headphones: T1, HE-6, HE-5LE, PS1000, HD650, Ed8, B&W P5, IE8, Re-zero

Desktop DAC/AMPs: Audio-GD Ref 7.1 and Master 5, Audio-GD NFB10-WM, Audio-GD DAC-19 DSP + C2, HRT MSII+, Matrix M-Stage, HifiMAN EF-5 (modded with OPA627)

Source gear: JKenny Modded HiFace Mk2, Audeophilleo 2

Portable DAPs/amps: HM-601, pico-slim, iBasso D2+ Boa

(Some of the headphones have been recabled so I could also bring a few different cables if people were interested in cable differences.)


I've actually been meaning to sell some of this stuff but have never quite go round to it (see blue text above) so if anyone wanted to try before they buy and make me an offer on the day that would be great too!!


Does anyone out there have an Eddie Current Balancing Act they could bring along (I'd love to compare this to my Master 5)?  I'd also love to hear Beyer T5p (and compare them to my Ultrasone Ed8) and also an ipod + CLAS combo vs the HM601

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Hi, Tashlin

sent you a PM as we live quite close

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I'd be interested if I could get to hear LCD-2/3, HE-6 and T1. I'm in Islington.

I could bring Audio-GD REF5 & Phoenix and Cayin HA-1A w/NOS valves + MDHT Havanna w/NOS. Have a few cans but primarily use HD800 with APS cable (have both balanced and unbalanced).

My sources are computer based however and not to keen on bringing those as too much of a hassle (desktops). Could possibly bring a CDP as transport but not as good sonically IMHO.
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